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Dear Friend,

Welcome to Gold Plated! A brand new, professional and well tested service that's sure to get your adrenaline rushing to the MAX! It's the Win Bet punters dream come true and it comes with the promise of pure heart thumping excitement! 

Hi, I am a full time racing enthusiast and professional bettor. I have been working extremely hard to unleash what I believe to be the most POWERFUL Winning Bet System Available! The strike rate is high and the profits being created are simply amazing! We've created the ULTIMATE and now I’m ready to share my daily "Gold Plated Bets!"

If it's superior profits that you're looking for then don't stray away from this page because my system is a fine tuned masterpiece for the winning strike rate and profits that you have been searching for. 

I'm also an honours graduate in politics and International relations, which may not be relevant but you need to know that I have put the same dedication and hard work into developing my Race Betting System as I did my previous role

Whilst my actual win bet selection formula remains a closely guarded secret we are more than happy to open the door to people who are looking for a service that provides regular winners at prices most other advisors can only ever dream about. Once you've had a taste of our "Gold Plated Advice" we know you'll become a long term and loyal fan of the service.

Believe you me, I know exactly what type of services are out there and I can tell you here and now that there's nothing that can come close to "Gold Plated" for Value, Fun, Entertainment and Super Cash Profits! As a "Gold Plated" subscriber there are going to be days when you're going to be jumping for joy as the cash flows from our red hot horse racing selections.

If it's tipping quality like this that you're looking for and other advisors have let you down then I encourage you to give "GOLD PLATED" a fair trial. I won't insult your intelligence, our secret system does have losing days but as you'll soon see, the winning days are truly amazing and we rarely see a negative bank in any given 4 week period.

Are YOU Hungry For Cash?

I certainly am, and my system very rarely lets me down. I've created a formula of immense value and the bet selections you'll receive will be the exact same bets I'll be placing for my own profits. If you want betting success then you copy the successful bettor.

All Bets I advise you will be straight Win Bets, they are my Gold Plated Bets of the Day and are fully expected to Win their Races. I'll recommend a starting point bank and when I advise I'll tell you exactly how many points to bet with. You can then place the bets and start winning the cash.

What's The RUSH?

There's a few good reasons to RUSH! First, if you've had enough of throwing money down the drain by following tipsters whose system relies on a pin, then you need a service that can start boosting your betting bank. Second, the current subscription rates are seriously way too low for the quality of advice that's offered.

That said, whilst I've proofed the power of my system to selected parties and they absolutely love the bets. My advice to the public punter is fairly new and I know many readers will be sceptical of paying what I feel my service is really worth. So for now, I have taken the advice of my management company and decided to offer two limited subscription offers. Both of which I feel are an absolute steal within the sports betting advisory industry and it gives you a low cost experience of the service.

Accessing Daily Advice

Once we have our daily advice at hand it will be emailed to all subscribers. We always aim to do this before 12.30 pm. Also, as email can sometimes go AWOL we also make advice available online providing you with a unique username and password to access our members information area. Full details are given after joining.

Winners, Winners & More Winners

Remember, my system is focused on WINNERS! Where most win bet advisors offer safe and boring naps, "Gold Plated" is all about winning at very exciting prices. WINS THAT MAKE YOU JUMP OUT OF YOUR SEAT!!! If you want that experience then I entice you to join me today. Be one of the first members and you'll lock in at the low, low subscription you choose.

Join "GOLD PLATED" Today!

Join us today as an early member and you'll continue to have a low cost subscription for as long as you're with us. We have two subscriptions available. Sign up for a 28 day subscription at £39.97 or a 90 day subscription at £79.97. To reward the faithful new member who follows us for 90 days, you effectively get a full months service for free.

To join "Gold Plated" please click on your preferred subscription button below.

28 day subscription at £39.97

90 day subscription at £79.97


Thanks For Your Time!

Your time and attention is much appreciated! I look forward to welcoming you to "Gold Plated" and sharing my first class winning information!

Gold Plated