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Dear Racing Enthusiast,

Hi my name is John Hewitt. From a very young age I became interested in horse racing. I enjoyed watching the racing on TV and attending the races with my father as often as possible, a thrilling experience and something I still enjoy and par-take in from time-time. 

From my early fascination I developed a very keen interest in getting to REALLY know the horses, jockeys, trainers and owners etc. As I got older my knowledge and interest grew immensely and I began placing bets, small at first and then larger bets as time went by and my knowledge and confidence grew. 

It soon became crystal clear that I had a good eye for selecting winners and a good memory for form and past/present performance. 

My knowledge is constantly evolving and I build on this continuously, from “time served”; the knowledge I have gained over the years. Understanding form, jockeys and trainers certainly give me the edge in choosing winners. 

What sets me apart from other racing services is my ability to make consistent profit on a month on month basis. 

It's because of this exceptional betting edge that I decided to share my success with others, a new venture where we can all make a healthy profit from our betting. 

If you care to check my stats/results I think it is clear that my knowledge and strategy work.

Whilst I'm fairly well known in racing circles the name "John Hewitt" probably means very little to you. Who am I to immediately expect your trust in joining me in my "Value Finder" service?

I totally understand this and that's why I choose for my service to be managed by Betfan who are to my knowledge the leading Tipster Management company in the Country.

As a managed service, you can't just launch a site with make believe tips and proofing. You have to prove 100% that you can create acceptable winning results over a good period of time and that is exactly what I was able to do for the guys at Betfan.

Some of my most recent winners include

Midnight Shot  10/1

Third Intention  13/2

War Goddess 4/1 

Miss Oscarose  11/2

Oldgrangewood  4/1

Poetic Force  3/1

Seven Clans  7/2

Dreams Of Glory  3/1

Chakisto  5/1

The aim of my service is to give members a consistent source of winners and keep the profits rolling in. We will not be waiting for one winner every blue moon.

Don't Sit On The Fence!

Anyone serious about horse racing profits needs to bite the bullet and get in the loop! Don’t sit on the fence and read about this as we progress, make sure you’re with us from the word "GO!"

If you want someone with an absolute passion for horse racing, someone who not only knows the stables and trainers but also knows the horses and can spot the winners then this is for you.

The advice and tips members will receive over the coming days, weeks and months ahead will be first class in value. 

I’ve been fortunate to turn my passion for horse racing into profit and now you can join me and get on all my Value Finder Racing Bets.

There are two membership options in place, £40.00 monthly or £80.00 quarterly. The latter effectively offers members a month free every 90 days.


All you need to do now is click on the button below that best suits you...



After joining I'll send you full details of bank and staking to help you maximise the profits you can make by following me.

That leaves me to say thank you! I look forward to welcoming you to "Value Finder" very soon.

Best Wishes,

John Hewitt