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My name is David Clapp and I used to be a school teacher. I've also been an extra in a few movies, played drums in a band and done a bit of stand-up comedy. I did a stint at the Edinburgh fringe in 2009 but nowadays any comedy performances are definitely undertaken from a sit down position.

If asked what I am doing now I would love to say that I put on a cape and fight crime but truth is I am a full time horse race bettor and my passion for the sport of king's spans decades.

During my betting career I've privately advised friends and select individuals helping them to emulate my success and ultimately become more business minded punters. My knowledge and inside betting techniques are second to none and I've now decided to help others launch successful betting careers though UPC!

Note that I say betting career. This is very important; my mission with UPC is to give you long term and consistent profits with enough excitement for you to really enjoy being part of my unique betting club. I say unique because as you'll soon see this isn't just another here today gone tomorrow tipping service. It's much deeper and I'm sure you'll agree that as a member of UPC you're ultimately part of something very special indeed.

You join a Gym Club for fitness you join UPC for financial fitness! Give your membership a few months and I'm sure you'll be with me for a very long time.

As a UPC member you'll receive rock solid horse racing betting advice.

As a member to my service you will experience betting, as you have never experienced before. Using my unique methods you can now bet with real confidence with my low-risk and consistently profitable way of betting that can virtually guarantee long term profits.

I have made OVER £7,231 Profit!

I Can Help YOU Make Profits Like These Easily And On Auto Pilot!

That's right, this is betting made really easy, all my advised bets are received the night before racing, so that you can plan your day. With plenty of evening racing on throughout the year, if you miss the ones that are on during the day, you can still trade in the evenings.

It sounds simple and it really is, just follow my advice to the letter and YOU WILL make consistent profits with very little risk at all.

You Will Have My Full Support

Don't worry, I will explain everything in great detail, it really is simple to do and I leave no stone unturned to help my clients, you will soon become an astute pro bettor like myself and there are no boundaries to how much you can earn from my methods!

Plus you will have my FULL support, I will be with you every step of the way to make sure you start making profits from the off.

Here is what some of my loyal clients have to say...

Like to say that it's a great service you give with the selections long may they continue. DH 1/8/15

Excellent results again yesterday SM 9/8/15

I am frankly surprised at the consistency and profitability potential of your service. CB 1/9/15

Start Making Horse Racing Profits The Easy Way!

To re-cap...

- Horses are sent the evening before racing
- Easy to use, everything is explained in detail
- Full ongoing support whenever you need it

When it comes to making betting profits it's all about having the edge, be it over the bookie or your betting exchange competition!

Change Your Betting Forever!

Get the edge today by joining UPC at a level that suits your budget.

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    Thank you for taking the time to learn about UPC. I know it's a brief introduction, but the only real way to really discover the benefits is to be a part of the club and see the profits first hand.