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Dear Racing Fan,

Do you dream of winning money from horse racing working just minutes each day on your smartphone or computer? It is possible you know because that’s exactly what I’m doing... and very soon, thanks to ULTRA GOLD many other people will be doing it too.

You can be in on the Magnificent Ultra Gold Rush without learning any extensive betting skills… you simply follow the Ultra Gold daily selections and hey presto the gold will be yours!

You may find that hard to believe. But just because it all sounds “to good to be true” doesn’t matter one iota. If I have your attention then please read on as I would like to prove to you that my winning strategy does indeed work!

Ultra Gold uses bespoke form analysis software that number crunches every UK race and 1,000’s of probabilities to find that ONE ROCK SOLID INVESTMENT that makes my success possible. You can now take advantage and enjoy similar success working just a few minutes each day.

By getting involved you won’t affect my income in the slightest so my goal and motivation is to help a few other punters along the winning way. It’s a very satisfying experience!

Ultra Gold CAN Work For You…

It Only Takes Minutes - My selections will be made available to you the night before and it should only take you a minute or two to get on!

A Modest Betting Bank Is All You Need To Get Started - I'll talk you through setting up a betting bank later.

It Is Really, Really Simple - You don’t need to study or have any special racing knowledge.

A Professional Hard Hitting Service - Not all selections will be winning bets but as you'll notice the profits can be very, very substantial indeed.

You’re probably thinking I’m teasing you and that’s okay, it’s normal based on what the majority of people say,,, “You never win as much as you put in” or “Betting is a mugs game!”

Is ULTRA GOLD For You? - Things To Consider…

  • Do you want to be involved in an exciting and brand new betting adventure? 
  • Do you want all the hard selection processes done for you? 
  • Do you want long term racing profits? 
  • Do you want a potentially life changing opportunity?

I'm sure you said “YES” to all the above. And with that being the case Ultra Gold is most definitely for you!

Been There, Done It, Been Let Down!!!

Haven’t we all? All I’ll ask is that you give Ultra Gold the opportunity to prove itself to you. It won't let you down!!!

Ultra Gold Statistics And Proofing Information

All figures quoted below are from 1st January 2018 to 21st May 2018

  • Bets: 90 
  • Win: 71 
  • Lose: 19 
  • Strike Rate: 74.44% 
  • Average Betfair SP: 2.15 
  • Longest winning run: 11 
  • Longest losing run: 3

The Ultra Gold 3pt Staking Plan

  • 270 points staked 
  • +134.46 points returned 
  • 49.80% Return on investment

The Ultra Gold Powerful Compounded Staking Plan

A £1,000 starting capital (10% of bank ratchet plan) now stands at: £166,907.56*

* This figure does not take into account any CASH withdrawals and has been achieved by letting the Ultra Gold investment run.

** The compounding plan DOES takes into account a deduction of 5% commission.

The compound staking plan will be made available to all Ultra Gold members on joining,

Monthly Results Breakdown

  • January: +32.86 
  • February: +18.82 
  • March: +16.94 
  • April: +40.61 
  • May: +25.23 (22nd) 
  • Total = +134.46

Ultra Gold Top Ten Best Priced Winners

  • Berlios 4.21 
  • Powerful Dream 3.92 
  • Afandem 3.52 
  • Alcatraz 3.41 
  • Swingbridge 3.39 
  • Go Long 3.25 
  • Jashma 3.14 
  • Upavon 3.13 
  • Joke Dancer 2.94 
  • Look My Way 2.77

Ultra Gold - The Ultimate Horse Racing Service

  • Ultra Gold uses bespoke form analysis software that number crunches every UK race and 1,000’s of probabilities to find that ONE rock solid investment. 
  • No closed accounts as Ultra Gold uses Betfair and for simple use their SP system making it so easy to place your investments. 
  • Ultra Gold gives you the power to build an incredible betting income from just one simple to place bet each day. 
  • Forget trying to find the winner of the race - Ultra Gold is different and seeks out with precision one horse that will PLACE at ‘value’ odds. 
  • No large investment required as this business can be started with just a few hundred pounds and will become self-financing almost instantly. 
  • All investments will be sent to members by 10pm the NIGHT BEFORE racing. 
  • Ultra Gold has increased a £1,000 investment by over 15,000% in less than 5 months using a progressive and highly effective staking plan, which has been proofed to Betfan. 
  • We only place bets in races that pay out to 3 places or more and avoid unpredictable low runner races. 
  • Values odds + high strike rate = the perfect combination 
  • Proven Fact - 78% of investments PLACE!

How Much Is The Ultra Gold Membership?

You have two options open to you. Monthly membership costs £67.00 or you can save considerably by taking the quarterly option at just £147.00 (£49.00 a month).

Simply click on the preferred membership button below to get started…



Thank you for your interest in Ultra Gold we look forward to welcoming you onboard very soon!

Best Wishes,

Nick & BetFan
Ultra Gold

PS. This is the ULTIMATE Betting Bank Builder! Grab a place while you can!!!