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Dear Racing Fan,

Hi my name is Terry Jones and I've been betting on the horses for around 25 years. Taking it much more seriously over the last 5 years or so. I quit my full time job as a Chartered Accountant about 3 years ago and I now work from home spending the majority of my time betting.

The key ingredient to my success is preparation and understanding 'value'. I know it's not original and counter-intuitive but understanding that betting horses that are proportionately the highest under priced is key. To be able to spot these special opportunities takes a great deal of practice and I have been practicing for a very long time.

The biggest mistake I made early on is betting the horse most likely to win without placing enough emphasis on the odds. I also made the mistake of not managing my bookmaker accounts as well as I should.

I do not specialise in specific races but I have noticed it's much more difficult to win on the flat in heavy rain and am more reticent when the forecast is for unusual weather.

Why Have I Set Up Trend Betting?

The main reason is due to the success I have enjoyed and it means that the bookmakers will no longer lay me a bet. I am extremely confident I can continue to make decent profits and I could still help others as well as getting a little compensation for my efforts in doing so.

What Can You Expect As A Member?

The predominantly Each Way Tipping Service will have an average of 3-5 tips per day (delivered the night before whenever possible) but this will not be necessarily be consistent. The service is value dependent and therefore there could in theory be 10 tips (though this would be rare), the number will vary greatly but that average would be around 3-5 per day.

The Trend Betting system I use is great at finding some big priced winners and below is a small selection of those that I have recently proofed...

  • Archetype 1st 9/1
  • Mister Blue Sky 1st 10/1
  • Clearly 1st 14/1
  • Chetan 1st 9/1
  • Claudine 1st 28/1
  • Marmajuke Bay 1st 11/1
  • Ice Age 1st 10/1
  • Work Bench 1st 8/1
  • Andalusite 1st 20/1
  • Foxy Lass 1st 25/1

Again the above is just a small sample of the winning tips I have given over a solid 4 months of live proofing in which time I have made near on 690 points profit as you can see from the graph below.

Trend Betting Proofing Graph

Is Trend Betting A Service You Should Consider?

There is a key psychological element when following a tipster that calls for consistent profits to maintain a steady cash flow. I probably make slightly more money in the long term betting win only but betting each way enables a more steady accumulation of winnings due to a higher strike rate. The additional stress associated with long loosing runs can be damaging and ultimately reduce the fun. So for me I believe you should choose a tipster who offers consistent profits with a good ROI (Return on Investment) and Strike Rate.

Choose Trend Betting for consistent long term winnings with minimising losing runs. I have tracked all my bets for a number of years and I have been equally consistent through the Flat and National Hunt seasons.

How Much Is It To Get Involved?

I believe that Trend Betting deserves premium pricing. However for the first 100 members you can currently lock in at a low cost.

Option 1 - £40.00 - One Month Membership

Option 2 - £80.00 - Three Month Membership (£26.67 per month)

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Thanks for your time and interest in Trend Betting. I look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

Best Wishes,

Terry Jones
Trend Betting

PS. Please note that the launch price will rise after the first 100 members have joined so act today for the best deal!