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Dear Racing Fan,

Are you ready for something totally refreshing? An opportunity to be in the loop on race horses that have been primed to be winners! Well TrackSide could just be the racing service for you.

Since the beginning of June 2017 we have been proofing the TrackSide selections and have been totally blown away with the success!

In just under 12 months of proofing the profits have been simply staggering!

If you're looking for some serious profits from horse racing then you're in the right place at the right time.

The guy behind TrackSide is loaded with contacts, experience and goes out of his way to actually talk with the owners, trainers and stable staff. He visits the gallops and watches the horses train. He ultimately wants to see first hand the form of a horse, to get behind its character and only then, when he is totally sure he’s found a winner does he add the horse to his ever expanding TrackSide notebook for future reference.

After years of work the TrackSide notebook is packed to bursting and can now provide primed horse’s on most racing days… horses that will be backed heavily with his own money!

TrackSide is a simple to follow service that can provide you with plenty of winning tips over the coming days, weeks and months ahead!

What sets TrackSide apart from other horse racing services is its ability to make consistent monthly profit, maintain an impressive return on investment and provide a winning strike rate that’s second to none.

Between the beginning of June 2017 and 10th May 2018 the service made +419.95 points profit, returned just under 25% return on investment and enjoyed a strike rate of nearly 37%. This is horse racing heaven… don’t you agree? Averaging around 35 points profit a month that’s £3,500.00 betting at £100 a point!

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Steve the owner of the powerful TrackSide notebook is allowing up to 100 people to get in on all his racing selections for a very small fee.

So how much does it cost to get involved? Well 28 day membership costs £40.00 or you can get fantastic value by joining for 90 days at just £88.00! That’s less than £1.00 a day!!!

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