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Dear Friend,

Welcome to “The Gentleman’s List!”

The Druids Lodge Confederacy were a group of owners who employed a trainer Jack Fallon who set up a racing stable high up on Salisbury Plain at the turn of the last century. They hated the bookmaker with a vengeance and decided to unleash havoc on them and in the process they won millions of pounds, becoming the most successful betting syndicate in the history of the sport.

Well I can tell you here and now that history is about to repeat itself. The difference being, unlike the Druids Lodge Confederacy, the guys behind The Gentleman’s List are now prepared to share their long term expertise, knowledge and inner circle information with a small audience of individuals who want to beat the bookmakers!

A Modern Day Robin Hood For The Frustrated Punter!

If you’re a regular race goer you may have heard of The Gentleman’s List. It has become an old wife’s tail over the years, a myth almost, something that you hear talked about around the race courses but are never quiet sure if it’s true.

It’s essentially a consortium of Gentlemen within the sport who pool all their information each day and one of them oversees all that in order to provide the days racing list.

Each day that final list of horses is sent out to all the members involved and for many years they have been cleaning up.

It was by a chance meeting last year through the introduction of a friend of a friend that we finally discovered this might be a little more than myth as we had contact with one of the Gentlemen involved.

It turned out that he was well aware of the BetFan Group and was very open in talking to us about The Gentleman’s List as they were looking for new avenues to make the list work for them.

Unsurprisingly all the Gentlemen involved had been shut out by most of the online bookies over the years and were having to use runners to get their bets on.

As time passed it was getting harder, more complicated and although they don’t intend to stop betting on the racing list themselves they are looking at a way to make it work for them without any extra effort.

Its taken 12 months to finally shake hands on a deal and during that time we’ve had access to all of the list bets. We’ve witnessed first hand how powerful and profitable The Gentleman’s List really is!

The Gentleman’s List membership will strive to foster a friendly and informal relationship with all members to make your betting experience enjoyable, informed and most importantly very profitable. To do this effectively initial membership has been limited to just 40 places being made available.

Recent Bets Shared To The Gentleman’s List…

  • Mishko 4/1
  • Fire Brigade 6/1
  • Sunglider 6/1
  • Be Perfect 7/1
  • Eminent 8/1
  • Kashgar 9/1
  • Carbon Dating 12/1
  • Heart O Annandale 12/1
  • Forceful Appeal 14/1
  • Master Carpenter 16/1
  • Englishman 33/1

What Sort of Profits Are Being Made?

With winners like those above, which are all recent, you would expect big profits and you’re not wrong!

Between May 2016 and May 2017 (up to 24th) The Gentleman’s List has made a huge 895.48 Points Profit!

The Gentleman's List Image

The Bookmakers may have infiltrated the secret circle but that’s not going to stop them winning and now you could be lucky enough to also get access to this seriously powerful betting information.

How Will You Receive Daily Advice?

After joining The Gentleman’s List you'll be given access to a secure online members area for all our daily betting advice. You simply login each day to collect your racing selections and betting advice. The same information will also emailed to you.

Also on joining you'll be advised on a recommended starting bank. Then all the daily advice will come with how many points to bet with. These will be graded between 1 and 5 point bets.

What To Do Now…

We have decided to offer 3 membership options. You can choose monthly for £97.00, quarterly for £194.00 (approx £64.67 a month) or save substantially with a six month membership costing just £247.00 (approx £41.17 a month).


These Gentlemen have been beating the bookies for decades and now they’re planning on creating havoc by opening the doors to their top daily racing list. But you must act fast!

Initial membership positions are limited to 40 members. Once the membership is full this opportunity will be closed and anyone wanting in will need to go on a waiting list.

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Thank you for your time. We look forward to welcoming you to The Gentleman's List very soon.

Best Wishes,

The Gentleman's List

PS. PS. Don't hesitate a moment longer! Enter the world of professional betting with The Gentleman’s List! You'll be using their advised betting bank, staking plan and have daily access to all of their best selections.!