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Dear Racing Fan,

Hello and welcome to Super Lucky 15! I'm a massive racing fan and I certainly like a daily punt. However, I'm different to the mainstream advisor because I specialise in the "Lucky 15" using a secret selection strategy that’s bringing me great success.

My race betting career that spans more than 7 years has seen me backing, placing and laying but then I had an “Eureka Moment” that when applied to the "Lucky 15" multiple betting option blasted my racing profits through the roof!

My most memorable moment being when I got a cool £28,000 Lucky 15 come in. I also had a few friends on it and it’s a day they’ll never forget.

My Super Lucky 15 Betting Club

I recently contacted the guys at Tipster TV with my idea of a “Super Lucky 15 Betting Club” in eager anticipation to share my winning ways with others only to be told I would have to prove it works over a fair period of time before they'd consider making it available to their members.

So at the start of July 2016 I started sending my daily Lucky 15 tips. A selection of 4 horse racing events. The Lucky 15 bet includes 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold.

Don't worry if this appears to be a bit of speciality bet you're not used to because I'll certainly look after you. It's really easy!

So, I proofed my selections over a solid 90 day period and the formula worked in spectacular fashion by delivering a mouthwatering +267.53 Points Profit!

That's an incredible £2,675.30 at £10 a point!

Super Lucky 15 Proofing Graph

Is your horse racing provider giving you this kind of profit?

I highly doubt it!

My "TOP SECRET” selection process identifies the very best value, quality and it certainly delivers the profits!!! Yes I have losing days but the very nature of the multiple bet means winning days are very healthy indeed.

Again, I’ve been on the receiving end of a jackpot £28k so I should know!

If the thought of jackpot pay days appeal then don't delay! Even if you're only a £5 or £10 point bettor then this should really open your eyes to an incredible addition to your racing portfolio.

Is Super Lucky 15 A Service For You?

Well if you've never been involved in a Lucky 15 bet I can tell you they're Extremely Fun, Exciting and Very Entertaining!

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the bet as my welcome message will explain all, sort out a dedicated betting bank and fully explain the bet. Again it's real easy and with the super profits I'm sure you'll grow to love it!

Hitting The Jackpot With Super Lucky 15…

You have to be in it to win it… Look at the comments below sent in after a MEGA WIN of over +2,700pts for myself and members on Tuesday 13th June 2017…

“Please would you pass on my congratulations and massive thanks to James of the Super Lucky 15 service. I've been with this service since last autumn so had a few close ones but nothing like today - outstanding tipping. Thank you.”

“Great tips today - I won £400 off a £9.30 bet. (Shame Dettori's was a non-runner) Keep up the good work.”

“Great result!!! first time I've ever got the right side of a stewards. Keep up the good work you've been close a few times shame about the non runner as it was a 31 I halved the stakes!!”

“I only do a Yankee not a Lucky 15, I’m small time - my bet was only 20p! 0.20p Super Yankee = £5.20 Total stake = £546.05 Total Return”

“Just want to say I love this service and have been with it from the very start never lost faith as on numerous occasions have gone very close to winning big and yesterday finally repaid me from a £2 L31 I won £5,560 the most I have ever won in my life. I don't have proof as I put my bets on in my local shop and this morning I picked up my winnings. Me and the family will be going on a lovely holiday this year now and its all thanks to James who runs this service. This service is the best I have ever used and will be a member for life and I know for a fact that the next big one is only round the corner. Please can you pass this onto James and tell him Thank you so much for everything. Many thanks Paul.”

Members Even Sent In Screen Shots of Their Winnings…

Winning Screen Shots

“That's impressive. Just goes to show that even a recreational, small time punter can win a jackpot.” Eddie

Your Daily Racing Fix!

My formula delivers a Lucky 15 bet each and everyday so you're sure to be on to the edge of your seat 7 days a week and on occasions there may be the odd Lucky 31! Remember, these fun multiple bets can deliver big money when we strike!!!

I spend around 2-3 hours studying every day and the selections are usually available by 12pm midday.

OK All This Sounds Great But How Much Is It To Join?


My feelings have been hurt! The guys at Tipster TV have told me that as this is a speciality service it's best tested at very low entry and have decided to launch at just £40.00 a month or £75.00 for quarterly followers!

But be warned! If punters like this the price WILL rise and the above prices are only guaranteed to the first 150 members!

Join Super Luck 15 Today!

Don't delay! Click the membership option that suits you. Get 28 days for £40.00 or SAVE by choosing 90 days for just £75.00!



Thank you for your interest Super Lucky 15. I look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

Best Wishes,

James & Tipster TV
Super Lucky 15

PS. Places are limited with the current pricing so please act fast to lock in low while you can! Quarterly membership works out at just 83p a day!!!