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Dear Racing Fan,

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to discover the SAW (Stop At A Winner) Strategy.

Hi my name is Jack and I’m a HUGE fan of horse racing and beating the bookie.

I have been seriously involved in betting and racing for many decades and have many ongoing interests within the industry including successful consulting.

Persistence and the determination are key to my long term success but I also have key contacts with strong approaches towards problem-solving and finding winning racing strategies.

The experience gained over several decades of extensive research and refined selection formulas lead to myself and my brother hitting on the ‘perfect’ method of finding horse racing winners.

The SAW Strategy is based on going against the grain whilst using some very clever strategies.

We never follow the obvious, SAW is all about going against the crowd and opposing the classic herd mentality.

Always remember that the bookies make BIG money because most punters make BAD decisions! As a SAW Strategy member you’ll be following SMART decisions and making the Bookmakers pay out!

Tried, Tested And Proven

We’ve put the SAW Strategy to the ultimate test by proofing it to BetFan to see if it could withstand time and make decent profits.

You will not have heard of it before because until now, we have never marketed the strategy, instead it has been a well-kept secret.

We now feel that the time is right to make it available publicly, enabling YOU to benefit from our extensive knowledge and become a professional bettor.

The SAW Strategy results between 5th March 2018 and 16th May 2018 have been absolutely mind blowing.

Using 1 point flat stakes and stopping at a winner the profit is a whopping +119.58 points!

If you’re looking to invest in horse racing I’m sure you’ll agree that results like this are very, very impressive indeed.

I genuinely believe that the SAW Strategy will become one of the most consistent services on the market. It has been designed to appeal to those people who like regular winners and are looking to advance a successful betting career.

Most serious punters in my experience want fast and consistent results, and a regular flow of winners that consistently increase the betting bank and long term profits!

SAW Strategy Membership

We certainly do not adopt a random approach to finding selections. We concentrate our efforts on specific criteria compared to many other services.

Please Note: Under no circumstances will we reveal our Secret Strategy. The success has been phenomenal and it’s our brainchild, but you will be informed of all our bets as a SAW member.

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Thank you for your interest in the SAW Strategy we look forward to welcoming you onboard very soon!!

Best Wishes,

Jack & BetFan

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