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Dear Friend,

I'm not going to bore you in regards to having inside information or secret contacts that leak me juicy gossip just before the off because it simply isn't true. I'm just a hard working businessman who has developed a powerful and reliable system that allows me to invest and make very good money from Horse Racing.

Under no circumstances do I consider myself a gambling man! I work extremely hard in business and I'm not out to lose what I earn. I work long hours to make money and like all successful businessmen and women I understand the power of getting money to start working for you.

If you've ever seen Dragons Den you'll see the entrepreneurs sat there with piles of cash to invest. Their hard earn cash is basically seeking employment and out to make their masters more cash. You must have heard the saying "Money Makes Money and the Money, Money Makes, Makes More Money!"

Now I don't know what you do for a living or how much cash you're sat on but I do know you're very passionate about horse racing and you are actively looking for an advisor to steer you in the right direction.

You're like a Dragon sat there with your pile of cash ready to get the little golden nuggets working for you! Well you're in the right place at the right time!

Whilst my system must remain private (I'll never leak that info) I am prepared to share all my personal bets with a very limited number of racing enthusiasts.

You read correctly, the invitation to subscribe is only allowing a small number of members to join. 

Is This For You?

I trust you're here by recommendation? In which case yes! During a very fair proofing period over about 16 weeks I have given Winner after winner! And when I say winners I mean first place winners.

What's more is those winning bets created a fantastic 500 plus points profit!!!

How Many Tips A Day Does The System Generate?

On average my System will deliver 3 or 4 Bets a Week and there will certainly be a good few no bet days. I will never send out bets for the sake of it like many Tipsters out there. You will only be given the advice if my system has highlighted a maximum bet opportunity. This is select betting geared towards making me and you money. You can be 100% sure that if I advise the bet then my own money will also be on the selection.

When Will Tips Be Available?

I run my system the night before but then again in the morning just to ensure circumstances have not affected the selection such as a change in going or Non Runners in the Race. My aim will be to deliver any advice to you by mid-morning at the latest to give you all plenty of time to get your bets on.

How Will I Receive Selections?

The daily selections will be posted online. You'll be issued with a username and password that will allow you access to the advice. The daily advice will also be emailed to you.

Will I Get A Staking Plan?

On joining you'll be issued with my special staking plan that will help you create a points betting bank and advise you on how many points to bet with. My own personal staking plan will show you how to maximise profits and also minimise losses in the event of any losers. My daily advice will be crystal clear telling you exactly what horse to back and how many points to use.

Must I Join Now?

Membership has proved extremely popular and taken places remain high and I'm now drip feeding in new members and making sure the numbers are not drastically affecting the markets.

As you're here now I suggest you make a fast decision and get on board ASAP as you might not get another chance.

Join At A Level That Suits You...

There are 2 subscription options available. 1 month @ £40.00 or 3 months @ £80.00. Simply click on the button that best suits your trial commitment and current budget.



Thank you for your time and I look forward to advising you!


Patrick McFadden - Racing Investment

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