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Dear Racing Fan,

Hello and welcome to Racing Down Under. Like most readers I'm truly passionate about sport and I must say that when it comes to betting profits backing Australian horses is what really excite me.

In fact, the fascination of finding winning horses has become a major part of my life, led to making some amazing contacts and ultimately the unveiling of this exciting new service.

My Racing Down Under service has come about after a huge amount of trial and error in developing a formula that could make healthy profits from backing Australian horse racing. It's been fine tuned over a decade to the point where I am willing to share the selections with a small audience of others who are equally as passionate about beating the bookies with winning bets.

The system I have in place today is proving to be quite extraordinary and it's strength comes from using some important criteria.

1 - A bespoke formula for identifying most likely 'improvers' on their next outing.

2 - Information is cross referenced against a 'secret rating' I have to ensure they still have enough improvement left in the rating.

3 - Lastly I ensure the selections are running a few certain types of race to ensure they are properly qualified with the right conditions for success.

Again, the whole formula is based on Australian Horse Racing. However, don't let that deter readers from around the world. For members in the UK (for example) selections will generally be with you in the afternoon ready for the early morning racing.

So What Can The Service Really Do For You?

Exactly what it's doing for me! It can line your pockets with the bookies cash!

Now I know you've probably heard that many of times before so that really doesn't give me a marketing edge on selling my service to you. If BIG promises of profits enticed you to join other advisory services and they let you down I'm sure it's no longer a way to win your trust.

I could now give you a very long list of recent winners you've missed out on. Have you seen that before? I bet you have! There's nothing wrong with shouting about past success but have you noticed that once you join the next best thing it's always a slippery slope?

Saying all that I do have bragging rights! And where I won't list 50 recent winners or claim my betting strategy will put a brand new sports car on the drive to get your juices flowing I will say that the my formula is on fire and blasting in the profits. The proofing for those who wish to see it is available directly from this page.

Rush Released After Just 6 Weeks

After a lot of discussion with BetFan I proofed my Australian racing selections for around six weeks and they were blown away with the results.

March 2018 saw a very impressive +136.92 points and April 2018 (up to 11th April) has made a whopping +112.35. That's a huge +249.27 Points Profit!!!

In my honest opinion there is no proof in the pudding before the eating and that is why to launch Racing Down Under I have opted for a low cost subscription. My formula rarely lets me down and I'm sure that serious readers will stay way, way, way beyond a month or two simply because they're winning good consistent money!

On joining the Racing Down Under service you'll be sent details on accessing advice, setting up a betting bank and the recommended staking plan that I suggest you follow using my systems selections.

Don't Delay A Moment Longer!

Membership is currently available at £37.00 a month or £74.00 a quarter! Taking the latter effectively gets you a free month!

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Thanks for your time and interest. I look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

Best Wishes,

Racing Down Under