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Show Me The Winner

Have you ever dreamed of picking winner after winner after winner? A punters dream right?

Unfortunately for most it's a dream that never comes true and that's the exact reason why the team at Betfan are extremely excited about High Roller Racing and their powerful "Show Me The Winner Horse Racing System!"

We've been on the receiving end of the High Roller Racing selections since August 2015 and over a 90 day proofing period we were given 29 winners from 36 selections! The advice generated +135.25 Points, 80% Strike Rate and a Return On Investment of +75.13%.

The longest winning run was ten! 

With this information at hand can you see why we're excited about opening the doors and letting other hungry and frustrated punters in on the action?

No Joining Fee & No Obligation

It's 100% FREE to open your High Roller Racing account. There's no subscription fee whatsoever. You'll simply be informed when the High Rollers are having a bet. You'll then have the choice as to whether you want to receive it or not. 

There's no obligation to accept the selection but if you do and it wins you'll be asked to pay a standard £10 fee for "Showing You The Winner!"

Access To The Hottest Racing Tips Each Week

High Rollers is only about QUALITY and not quantity! Selections have to meet strict criteria before being made available to members. On average there will be 2/3 bets a week but you can rest assured the system is designed to "Show You The Winners" on a very regular basis!

Huge Strike Rate & Limited Losing Runs

As proofed to us at the Winning Information Network over a 3 month period we witnessed an amazing 80% strike rate and we see this as an exceptional opportunity for anyone who wants a service where the winners just keep coming and coming.

We witnessed 10 winners on the trot during proofing and fully expect that record to be broken very soon. It would be great if you were involved!

Cracking Return On Investment

From just 36 bets we saw a fantastic ROI of +75.13%. That's a cracking return when you consider the amount of time and effort that goes into this on the members part! Fulltime profits from part-time fun! We love that at Betfan! 

YOU Only Pay For Winners

Again it's important you understand that there is NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE. If you decide to accept a selection and it wins you pay, if it loses you don't. You only pay for winners.

Losing Is Rare But What Happens When You're Given A Loser?

If High Rollers give a losing tip the future tips are free until a winner is given. That winner will then need paying for. With this in mind it's great to know that  the longest winning run was 10.

Don't Miss Out On The Next Run of Winners

All you need to do now is set up your FREE High Roller Account. We do not require any payment details, home address or phone number.

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Simply Enter Your Name & Email Address Below And The Jobs Done!

Thank you for your time and we look forward to welcoming you to "High Roller Racing" very soon!

PS. Remember it's FREE to register and you'll only ever pay for winning information! But please act fast as places are limited!

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