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Dear Friend,

The Greyhound Derby returns for a second year at Towcester, a winners purse of £175,000 and much of the event being televised this is going to be a very, very popular Greyhound betting event and to celebrate and help you to make some decent profit it's a pleasure to launch this dedicated and complete Greyhound Derby Advisory Service.

Hi, I’m known as The Judge, you may recognise my name as I'm a professional and very successful Greyhound Advisor with BetFan.

My fascination in Greyhound Racing goes back to when I was just 13 years old where I was a runner at the track placing bets for people. I became addicted to the fast paced action and the thrill of seeing people finding the winners and pocketing the cash! Boy did I want some that!!!

To cut along story short I started to take my Greyhound Betting seriously about 19 years ago and have been betting professionally full time ever since.

So in a nutshell I've been passionate about Greyhounds since childhood and now in later years it's an absolute honour to not only be more involved but to also help others make an exceptional second income from the wonderful sport that's becoming much more engaging thanks to the media coverage.

Anyway time is money so let me get straight to the point. On Thursday 3rd May we're treated to the start of the Greyhound Derby 2018 and over the event there will be plenty of profitable betting opportunities and it's with this in mind that I would like to invite you to join me in the profit making!

This service is available for a one off fee of just £33.00 and I will be putting up my ante post fancies for the Derby, along with value selections most derby race nights, along with some eye-catchers from previous rounds.

Should This Be of Interest To You?

Well if the idea of lining your pockets with the bookies cash appeals then this a Greyhound Betting Experience that's not to be missed!

On my regular service since I joined BetFan in September 2015 we have seen profits smash through +1,750 points. In money terms that's a massive £43,750 betting at £25 a point!

Believe you me, I take Greyhound Racing and Winning Money very seriously and have done for many, many years and now you can get in the loop and be guided in the right direction by one of the best Greyhound advisors in the business.

I'll be covering all the action from the First Rounds starting on Thursday 3rd May right through until the Grand Final on Saturday 2nd June 2018. It's going to be a very exciting time and I hope you can play a part right from the outset.

On joining I'll advise you on creating a dedicated Derby betting bank and when I give you selections I'll also advise you on how many points to bet with depending on the strength and value found.

Why YOU Really Need To Be Part of This…

I’m enjoying fantastic profits from Greyhound racing, as mentioned earlier over 1,750 points profit since September 2015. And 2018 has also started in spectacular fashion…

Greyhound Graph

Well this is the BIG ONE folks, I’ve been waiting all year for the Derby and I’m honoured that BetFan have given me this opportunity to put in the extra hours to provide this dedicated Greyhound Derby Special.

The total prize money for this years event will top £300,000! It’s the richest Greyhound competition on the planet and now you can also be a winner!

With the huge prize money, a fantastic venue and the new found media interest this is going to be a spectacular event and with me on your side I'm convinced you'll be celebrating come the end of the final day having made some very handsome profits indeed!

All you need to do now is click on the join button below to make your one time payment of £33.00 and then brace yourself for a very exciting month of Greyhound Racing Action!


Thank you for your time and interest and here's looking forward to a fantastic Derby!

Best Wishes,

The Judge & BetFan
Greyhound Derby Special 2018

PS. Sign up ASAP to make sure you don't miss out on any Ante-Posts I have up my sleeve!