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Dear Football Fan,

Welcome to Footie Flutters the football betting club for punters who not only want to win but want to potentially WIN BIG!

Hi I’ve been fascinated by football for a good few decades. It’s a sport that simply amazes me and I’ve been betting on it professionally for many years now.

I’m methodical with my selections and also very careful when it comes to finding the best bets to place. It takes a lot of effort checking and rechecking the real form of a team and watching the matches and highlights over and over again.

When it comes to betting I’ve always been a big fan of not only the singles but also the doubles, trebles and accas as it gives you the opportunity to win big. Yes it’s great picking a single winner but pulling off a double, treble or an acca is simply amazing.

With many years of professional betting knowledge I have fine tuned my Footie Flutters picking process to the point of being extremely confident of regular monthly profits from my preferred style of betting. In fact I’m so confident I decided to launch the Footie Flutters Club so other football punters could get in on the action.

The most rewarding thing about running a football betting club like this is sharing the feeling of landing the big winning days with fellow footie fans.

Finding You The Best Football Bets!

Even with my vast knowledge of the sport it can take me many hours a day before I pick the best bets. Selections are only ever given when I feel they all have a very good chance of winning.

Why Should You Consider Joining Me?

If you’re bored with the run of the mill tipping service and want to experience some awesome winning days then Footie Flutters really is the answer. Yes there will be losing days but the reality is that you only need to land a few big winning days a month to make some nice profits.

+117.50 Points Profit During Proofing!

Footie Flutters Proofing

Are you making profit like this with your football betting? Not many punters out there are!

Once I decided I wanted to share my Footie Flutters I contacted the guys at BetFan and they said they would be happy to manage my service if I could successfully proof over a fair period of time.

In less than four months after providing my first selections I was contacted by BetFan and they said they were more than happy with the 117 points profit I had made them and that they were happy to launch Footie Flutters.

Compound For Even More Profits

Starting with a £2k bank and a 5% stake compounding each month, Footie Flutters turned that £2,000 into £5,421.88. After joining you'll have access to the exact same staking plan should you decide to go down this route.

That's a tidy increase of £3,421.88 in less than 4 months and a fantastic additional income for any football fan!

Now is the time to get on board ready for the BIG WIN!

You can join me today for just £40.00 a month or if you’d like a very special deal you can join for just £75.00 a quarter!

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Thanks for your time and interest in Footie Flutters. We look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

Best Wishes,

Footie Flutters