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Dear Sports Betting Fan,

Thank you accepting the invitation to visit Fold4Gold. Fold4Gold is a Brand New Sports Betting Club designed to be Great FUN but with very serious financial intentions in mind. The mission is to use some of the best minds in the sports betting business to supply Fold4Gold members with bets that may be speculative in the main but when they land the profits can be immense!

We all have Jackpot Dreams! 

It's only human nature and the main reason the Lotto is so successful! The thought of winning a lump sum of cash that you can spend on whatever you wish sends shivers down the spine for most people. The idea of spending a few quid and winning a fortune is very appealing... the brand new sports car, the new house in the country, the exotic holidays in the sun and the luxury gifts whenever you want them.

With Jackpot Dreams in mind, many months ago BetFan started to plan out this exciting new sports betting project. We have now put together a team of time tested betting experts, professional gamblers and advisors who really know what to look for when going for Gold and the potentially landing massive Jackpot payouts.

Does That Sound Exciting? 

You bet it does! Just one of the low risk bets can pull in a years worth of profits! The philosophy of low staking for maximum profits makes Fold4Gold very, very appealing for the everyday punter who wants to be rewarded with both great entertainment and potentially a huge financial windfall... maybe several!

To land to BIG CASH the Fold4Gold team will focus on a whole host of specialty bets across a wide range of sporting events. There will be Yankee's, Accumulators, Cross Doubles, 3, 4, 5 Folds, Lucky 15's even professional Scoop6 selections on Saturdays!

By all means follow your favourite advisor for long term profits but if you're looking for some added fun, entertainment and potential massive wins then Fold4Gold must be a welcomed addition to any sport bettors portfolio.

Don't worry if you're reading this and thinking you're only up to speed on the most common types of bet and this is out of your league. BetFan and the team at Fold4Gold will take your hand and help you every step of the way if need be.

On joining Fold4Gold you'll be given fair and realistic advice on the size of a points betting bank to use with this service and whenever you're given a bet you'll be advised how many points to bet with. Again you'll be getting some massive acca bets that can turn small stakes into phenomenal profits! The service is all about minimal stakes for maximum profits.


Fold4Gold is welcoming new members at a price that's very affordable to every reader at a very low cost of just £19.99 for 4 weeks! That's around £5.00 a week for a team of professional bettors to advise you on top quality bets that can land you MASSIVE Profits when they land.


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If you love a sporting bet and fancy landing a big scoop then jump on board Fold4Gold right now. At just £5.00 a week it would be a nightmare to hear of a huge win after being one of the first to hear about this unique new club.

Also the low membership fee is initially only intended for a limited time and to remove any real added expense for our early members. So please bare in mind that the membership may rise at anytime without further notice. So why not lock in now for just £19.99 a month? That's roughly 71 pence a day for expert advice that could make your betting bank explode beyond recognition!

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Thank You! Have FUN and be LUCKY!!! We can't wait to welcome you to Fold4Gold and lets get those fingers crossed and hope the next BIG WIN will be tomorrow!

Best Wishes,


BetFan & The Team at Fold4Gold

PS. Admit it, whilst the Lotto pays a big Jackpot, watching balls drop is pretty boring. Fold4Gold followers are treated to top, edge of your seat entertainment 7 days a week and when the Jackpots come... WOW do we have something to talk about! JOIN US NOW CLICK HERE!!!