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Dear Friend,

Dog Race Wagers is a Greyhound To Win Service and it's making cash like you wouldn't believe! I have been winning cash hand over fist and I have now decided to share my knowledge and open a dedicated and professionally managed service for other fans of dog racing profits.

Even if dog racing isn't your thing read on because the profits being made are fantastic!

This really is proving to be a cash cow and you'd be crazy not to get involved!

When was the last time you held a fistful of £20 notes, hundreds of pounds in cash and yours to spend on whatever you wish? Are there any new toys you want? Maybe a brand new iPhone or the latest top of the range Apple MacBook? How about a pile of extra cash to treat yourself to a much needed holiday or the money to treat your loved ones?

Stop Dreaming!

Please give me a moment of your time to share "Dog Race Wagers!" The ULTIMATE way to WIN money from Greyhounds and put some extra cash in your pocket.

There's a revolution taking place, a revolution in a Sport that has traditionally been very difficult to make profits in and if you get in on this with the right information you can make a very nice pile of extra cash each month. I know because I'm doing it right now.

Welcome to Dog Race Wagers - This is Greyhound Betting like you have never experienced before.

I run a unique insider Greyhound Betting club with the simple aim of making members as much tax free cash as possible.

Between you and me there is very little money to be made in Greyhound racing as a sport. The prize money for winning a race can literally be a few quid. Like all of us, Dog Trainers have mouths to feed and for many, betting on their dog to win is the only way to make ends meet.

Make no mistake. When these guys lay down their money they expect a good return. This is not a hobby or a gamble, it’s a simple business deal and they know they will win more often than they lose and will finish in profit.

My selections are based on stats and form and I will only pass on the very best of the information and therefore unlike many inferior services I will not bombard you with lots of tips everyday.

You will normally get just the one Win Bet a day and rest assured if I advise it then that Dog is expected to win.

Can Dog Racing Make YOU A Fortune? 

I'm not going to lie to you. I can't say my advice will put a Mercedes on the drive or pay for a Manor House in the countryside. However, if you would be happy with an extra few hundred pounds each week then my service will be of serious interest to you. 

I haven't come online to make false promises of untold riches. I have simply developed a great system based on form and stats that clearly allows me to identify a good number of dogs to Win Races and it's working extremely well. It may not make you a fortune but it can certainly bring some nice profit each month as it does for me.

Within just months of proofing to a professional and trusted company I delivered some amazing profits. That's exceptional for a betting service in an area notoriously difficult to make money in.

So what do you need to start making profits with Dog Race Wagers? 

Access to a computer/smart phone to collect your daily information 
The ability to place your bets either with an online bookmaker or an offline one 
A small start up betting bank 

So How Do I Get Started? 

When you are ready to try my service for yourself simply click the button below and sample our selections for the trial price of just £7.00+VAT for the First 14 Days. Yes that is just 50p a day for 2 weeks of my best Dog Tips which I believe should give you long enough to see what Dog Race Wagers can do for your Betting Bank.

After payment you'll return to a page on our website where you'll be given simple instructions on how to access all the betting information.

How Much Exactly Does It Cost? 

Dog Race Wagers has two subscription options of £27.00 for 28 Days or £54.00 for 90 Days but in both cases your subscription will start with a trial at £7.00+VAT for the First 14 Days giving you ample opportunity to test my system. 

I believe these to be a fantastic offers and in fact I insisted to the guys at BetFan they incorporated a low cost Trial to start the subscription because I am that confident you will love my service and the profits once you have tried it.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the 90 day deal is fantastic value where you effectively get 3 Months Membership for the price of 2 after your opening 14 Day Trial. 

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Thank you. I appreciate your interest and look forward to helping your profit from the wonderful world of Dog Racing.

Lets Make Some Money Together! 

Dog Race Wagers. 

PS. Remember that all the professional bettors focus on the ability to profit and not the sport they are betting on. Even if Greyhound Racing doesn't rock your boat don't miss out on the profits that can come flooding your way!