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The exciting world of racing caught my attention and I decided to take it seriously (full time research) in 2015. A friend was keen on horse racing and I was looking for new work projects and I thought horse race prediction sounded like an interesting statistical challenge. 

I'm a professional computer programmer and I must say I had no previous interest in either gambling or horse racing whatsoever. Did I make mistakes? In the beginning yes many horrid ones... but mostly of the computer-bug variety that I doubt many readers could relate to.

The Key To My Success

Is a deep understanding of statistics, tenacity, being a professional computer programmer and hard work! You don't get anywhere in life without putting in some serious graft.

When betting with Deep Thought Racing you can be sure that I have put the hard work in to bring you a new unique service. 

I don't generally specialise. I simply bet when my Deep Thought system sees value in the market.

Why Am I Sharing My Winning Information?

To make a difference to other peoples lives. In a world of sharks I want to be a trusted brand in the world of tipping, a dependable advisor that won't lose you your shirt. Money is only part of the puzzle of true happiness, I have plenty of that. Yet knowing I have helped someone else climb the ladder of betting success is what really gives me that warm feeling inside. 

Betting professionally takes a very particular type of personality trait. It's one some people have naturally. That said if you deal with a successful tipster you only have to worry about self-control and money management. Two things that you should be able to control if you keep focused on the end game.

What Can You Expect From Deep Thought?

There will be plenty of bets per day and all bets will be 1 point win singles. By betting low it will give you more control over your account without huge drawdowns. I also give tips at around 7pm on the evening before the day of the races so most members can get on early at the best prices. 

Here Are Some of My Recent Winners...

Spirit Ridge 4/1… Sod's Law 9/1… Pactolus 8/1… Top Boy 7/1… Yulong Gold Fairy 10/1… Rustang 8/1… Billy Bond 8/1… Captain Colby 9/1… Dalileo 9/1… Brockey Rise 12/1… Mankib 6/1… Arrowtown 3/1… Exec Chef… 11/1… My Lark 10/1… Newmarket Warrior 16/1… Cornborough 14/1.

I could go on and on but I'm sure the above tasty prices from my recent winners are enough to make any punter pay attention!

Check Out Our All Time Proofing!

That's +265.27 points between July 2018 and February 2019

My Deep Thought system has been beating the bookies for along time and it was great fun proofing my selections to the guys at BetFan over the last few months. As you can see it was very successful!

Since July 2018 Deep Thought made +265.27 points profit. Remember this is from 1 point betting so that's a profit of £2,653 at £10 a bet or £26,527 at £100 a bet!!!

If you would like to view all my selections proofed you can do so by clicking on the proofing link lower down this page.

When Choosing The Right Race Advisor...

The main thing to look for is RETURN ON INVESTMENT forget the points profit it's the ROI that really matters. Also look hard at drawdowns (the amount of money between highs and lows). This is critical to make sure your betting account is big enough to cover losing runs.

Deep Thought will deliver! I have a proven track record and a will to help you to succeed too. My edge over the market is good and I bet low amounts that will make big profits in the long term. 

I have been consistent over a large number of bets. And my results so far on BetFan are not at all a surprise to me. They are consistent with computer simulations I have run on past results over many thousands of bets.


Due to the nature of the game I have decided to initially limit the number of membership places available to just 200. 

Your commitment to try my service is a small price to pay for what could be the start of a long term success story for you!

My Deep Thought winning system works. If you're going to play the betting game then weigh up the risk and do what you think is best. It's now up to you... but I would love to have you join the Deep Thought Racing Club today!

Don't Wait A Moment Longer...

I fully expect the entire membership to sell out very fast! To secure YOUR place YOU MUST ACT NOW!

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