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Welcome to Daily Doubles!

A brand new, exciting service that's sure to get your heart thumping to the MAX when it comes to winning at the races! It's the punters dream Double Whammy Service and it comes with the promise of pure edge of your seat entertainment!

Daily Doubles is headed David Mann a very experienced racing enthusiast who has been working with racing experts to unleash what we believe to be one of the best Double Systems Available! The return on investment being made is awesome! They've created a superb racing system and are now ready to deliver their best Daily Doubles.

If it's the highest quality racing tips that you're after then don't leave this page because the system is a fine tuned masterpiece for the profits that you've been searching for.

Whilst the actual selection strategy must remain private the Daily Double Service is now open to people looking for a service that provides double winners at prices most other advisors can only dream about. Once you've had a taste of the Daily Doubles you'll become a long term and fan of the unique service.

Believe you me, we know exactly what's currently out there and can tell you that there's not much that can come close to Daily Doubles for Value, Fun, Entertainment and Super Cash Profits!

As a member there are going to be days when you're going to be jumping for joy as the cash flows from the very best horse racing selections.

Sounds great doesn't it?

It is! You can't beat the rush when you're on a double winner at a very tasty price!

If you're after doubles like this and other tipsters have let you down then I encourage you to give Daily Doubles a trial. I won't insult your intelligence, the system does have losing days but as you'll soon see, the winning days are truly amazing!

Are YOU Craving The Extra Cash?

Daily Doubles have created an opportunity of great value and the daily selections you receive will be the same bets backed by David who has a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience. If you want success at the races then you copy a successful bettor.

Daily Doubles gather and collate all the information available on every horse.

"We analyse breeding, past performance, race times and running style to assess the racehorses entered for the days racing. We also get the latest gallops news which is very helpful. We synthesise this information and then highlight the day’s very best betting opportunities. Once we have seen the odds and compare it with our own assessments, we let members have the bets."

The Highest Quality Information

The obvious aim is to keep you as a very happy, long term winning member of Daily Doubles. The team behind the service will continue to work extremely hard, burn the midnight oil and deliver you the very best daily information available.

Hurry! Low Cost Experience!

There are a few good reasons to HURRY and grab a place ASAP! First, if you've had enough of throwing money down the drain by following tipsters whose systems clearly don't work then you need a service that can start boosting your betting bank. Second, the current membership fee's are seriously low for the quality of advice that's offered and only being made available to the first 250 members.

Daily Doubles proofed the power of the system to a private audience and they absolutely love the bets.

At the time of writing Daily Doubles is smashing in the profits...

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That's +716.27 points between September 2016 and February 2019

When We Win... We WIN BIG!

Remember, the system is focused on Doubles! Where most bet advisors offer safe and boring naps, Daily Doubles is all about winning at decent prices.


If you want that experience then I suggest you to join Daily Doubles today.

  • 7 Days Membership is £12.50
  • 28 Days Membership is £37.50
  • 90 Days Membership is £105.00 (£35.00 per month)
  • 6 Months Membership is £178.00 (£29.67 per month) *Best Value

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    7 Days
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90 Days

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6 Months

  • £178.00 Every
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As you can see our six month deal is the best value for money here working out at just £29.67 per month!
This saves you a massive £47.00 over paying a monthly subscription.
Well worth considering!