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Dear Sports Betting Fan,

Hi my name is Dave Owens and I've a bit of an unusual route to sports betting. I originally played online poker quite successfully (and ended up going part time from my job to play more as it was dwarfing my 9-5 income) around 10 years ago (2007). This changed in 2011 when the serious online poker market practically came to an end due to a bill passed that made it illegal to play online in America and dried up the volume and profitability of games to make good money from.

From 2011 I wanted/needed to try something new and decided to use the skills I’d learnt from poker (discipline, money management, handling variance) - to then start trading (betfair) and spread betting the sport I know and love cricket - which I have watched and loved for 25 years! This was then a very natural progression to betting on cricket.

I believe the key ingredient to my success is the volume of cricket I watch, and if I can’t watch - then read respected writers on games. Stats are certainly useful, but cricket is a game played in vastly different conditions each game, with lots of variables such as the way a pitch will play, the weather effecting how the ball will behave and how a match can go, the psychology of a player/team in and out of form and how they go against a certain type of bowler in the past.

There is no way these things can be quantified properly in stats alone. Cricket I feel is a game priced up by bookmakers on stats alone and there are certainly areas where they are weak and very exploitable.

A mistake I made very early in my betting career was restricting myself to just betting on the outcome of a match. Cricket is a fantastic sport to bet on due to it having an amazing amount of sub markets, aside from the match result.

When I started exploring the sub markets I realized there was some fantastic value and at times lack of knowledge in how they were priced up.

As I touched on earlier, I think with cricket the broader your knowledge of a lot of markets and different formats is a distinct advantage. My stats show I am particularly strong on the “top batsman” market. I feel again this is due to potentially watching a lot more cricket that those pricing it up. I will look further than just stats and try to map out how a teams innings will go, the openers and No 3 could be up against the best bowlers in the trickiest conditions at the start - and there could be tremendous value on a “lesser” player, batting at Nos 4 or 5 which would have an inflated price due to it being priced on a players average score.

Why Have I Set Up The Cricket Counsel?

I genuinely enjoy the process of finding tips and writing them up. I think it has certainly improved my sports betting having to write up explanations and considerations in selections. I have for a while provided bets for friends and family and it really is fantastic when your selections come in and you know you’ve profited others who have backed your judgement. The idea behind Cricket Counsel is to open my advise to a wider audience of money hungry punters looking to beat the bookmakers.

Do You Need To Be Exceptionally Talented To Be Successful Or Can It Be Learned?

A bit of both, I think you can learn what to look for, understanding the concept of value is paramount and if you are serious - you should be able to acquire that with experience. My opinion though, is that the temperament and equilibrium required to sports bet can’t really be taught. I used to coach players at online poker. I found that I could successfully teach the fundamentals of the game and how to become strong and consistent card players. However, the mental side of the game - losing runs, bad variance, making poor decisions under pressure was something people could or could not do.

With the Cricket Counsel you'll be leaving all the work to me so having exceptional talent or a new education goes out of the window. You'll simply pay a small subscription for my expertise in making a profit from the sport.

What Can You Expect As A Member?

A Professional Cricket betting advisory package. On average I spend between two and three hours per day - this does depend on the volume of cricket being played. A lot of the time is spent searching sites and markets not on oddschecker and again this can vary between how fast good-looking value bets occur. Also researching pitch and team information prior to a game is a must as well.

How Active Will Membership Be?

This is dependent on the volume of cricket being played - at the moment as I write, the Big Bash is being played every day, along with the Ashes and other series so I would be tipping nearly every day and on average 4-5 picks per day.

Tips will be available the evening before, or the morning of a game. I would like to add though that there is some tremendous value to be had when firms initially price games up which could be a few days in advance of a game and that could well mean some bets going out in the middle of the day a few days in advance to take advantage of prices that are clearly wrong before the odds move to a more correct station.

Without question cricket is a very rewarding sport to bet on, the wide array of markets to bet from offer more opportunity to use your skills to find value and weakness in the bookmakers. The volume of cricket being played now means there is a tremendous amount of match’s and formats to bet on. I also believe bookmakers don’t price cricket up with the same diligence as they do to tennis and football.

Why You Should Consider Joining Me...

I have a real in-depth knowledge of the sport. A lot of people tip on stats and figures which is a good starting block. A punter should be going with a tipster who watch’s and follows the game to a higher level and intensity than a bookmaker. A proven record is their field is also a strong consideration.

There aren’t really cricket tipsters out there. It’s a sport that I feel is exploitable with it being overlooked by bookmakers and certainly there is profit to be made from it. The rise of 20/20 leagues all around the world means the volume is now competing and overtaking sports such as football and to a lesser extent tennis.

The vast array of markets available on match’s means there are so many more options than horse racing and football.

Cricket Counsel Proofing

Above you can see my 2 month proofing period where I made over 240 points profit. Betting at £10 a point that's a very nice £2,400.00!

Now Is The Time To Get Involved!

Cricket is played all year round. There is always an international series, domestic cricket or 20/20 competition playing the whole year round.

The fact that it's a truly global game always means a county's summer will be having a full season and we'll be heavily involved!

How Much To Get Involved?

You can join Cricket Council today for just £30.00 a month or £60.00 a quarter by using one of the buttons below...



Thanks for your time and interest in Cricket Counsel. I look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

Best Wishes,

Dave Owens
Cricket Counsel

PS. Take advantage of the current low cost membership where you can get all my cricket tips from just £20 a month when taking the quarterly option!