We'll never forget Halloween 2014! It was a total nightmare for the bookies but for us it was more like Christmas come early!

So What Exactly Happened?

Well, a very good contact of ours, Jimmy Welsh had been on the phone to us extremely excited about the upcoming Breeders Cup.

Now when it comes to horse racing Jimmy is one shrewd bettor and when he gets excited you need to pay close attention! This is a man who since 2010 has amassed a staggering 1,600 points profit from the Sport of Kings! He's been professionally betting for around 20 years.

This year alone Jimmy has made over 470 Points from his USA Racing Club!

With long term success like this I'm sure you can understand why we paid close attention to what Jimmy had to say. He was basically giving us the heads up on the 2014 Breeders Cup in that this was a very special event where in years gone by he'd always cleaned up the profits and had become somewhat of a bookies nightmare!

We found that quite amusing as it sits well with the up coming Halloween Celebrations.

Anyway, that was almost a 4 years ago now and below is a copy of a few bets he emailed to us and his followers on the morning of Friday 31st October 2014...

Holy Mother of Pumpkins!!!

Not only did Lady Eli & Untapable both WIN but Jimmy was shrewd enough to advise they were also put into an Each Way Double for the ultimate kick up the bookies bum!

Those few bets paid for one hell of a Halloween Party! One that went on well into the early hours!

Here's what a few members have had to say about Jimmy's past tipping…

"Thanks, I had more than One drink, I banked over £3000 today!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!" Best Regards Bob

"I've had some big wins but this tops the lot, GET IN!!!!!!" James

"That was a cracker Jimmy thanks for sharing." Noel

"Outstanding tartan one outstanding" Simon

The Breeders Cup Special 2018

The fantastic news we have today is that Jimmy Welsh has agreed to do another EXCLUSIVE Breeders Cup Special with us for this years explosive event that takes place on Friday 2nd - Saturday 3rd November 2018.

Jimmy loves the Breeders Cup, it's his Favourite Bookie Bash and this year YOU are invited to join in the fun and celebrations!

Jimmy quotes the Breeders Cup as being "The Best Value Meeting of The Year."

He'll be out to spook the bookies and treat all his "Breeder Cup Followers" with previews and the best value bets on every race! And with 14 wonderful races to get stuck into there's plenty of opportunity to make some decent profit over the two days!

How Much Does It Cost To Get Involved?

You'll be pleasantly surprised that Jimmy has agreed to open the door on all his Breeders Cup selections for just £17.00 which we feel is a NO BRAINER DEAL for such a huge offering.

Believe you me, Jimmy will be putting in ridiculous hours into this massive meeting and with his successful history could charge ten times as much!

If you're as excited as us about the 2018 World Championships and want to be on all Jimmy's bets then don't delay a moment longer!

Click The Join Button Below To Secure Your Place At The Explosive Bookie Bash 2018…

Thank you for your time and interest in our Breeders Cup Special 2018! We hope you can join us for this exciting meeting.

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Pricing Table

LifeTime Membership

  • One Off Membership for £17.00
  • Price excluding VAT
  • VAT is charged at relevant rate
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