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Would you be interested in a way of winning THOUSANDS of extra pounds?

Wouldn't that be a awesome? What would you be prepared to do for £1,000 in £20 notes, right in your hand right now? How does a few minutes of easy work every day sound? I know what you're thinking, I couldn't believe it either but what I'm doing works.

I want you to read this through to the end. In return, I promise that I will tell you how to make the cash you're desperately seeking. I won't be hinting. I won't be offering tantalising glimpses of what the method might be - I'll actually tell you the details so that you can decide whether or not to use it for yourself.

Hi my name is Ian and I caught the racing bug many decades ago and I'm thrilled to be here today offering you the opportunity to share in my success.

My racing formula which I call “BetTwo” has been long in the making and the tactics I use to find winners is way to valuable to reveal in its entirety but that doesn't mean you can't use it for your own success.

In a nutshell I've gone through the years happily playing the bookies and enjoying the winnings. Yes I've had ups and downs, but my stubborn nature for success has allowed me to fine tune my winning ways to the point where I now expect to win substantial cash year in, year out.

If I've Sussed The Racing Game Why Share With Others?

A good question and I'll be totally honest with you. From a young age my parents used to let me have a bet on the racing and without blowing my own trumpet I was actually pretty good and sort of got hooked.

The memories are wonderful but boy how things have changed over the years! In the early days I never once thought I'd have bookmakers spying on me, closing my accounts down and forcing me to play on the exchanges.

Anyway, back to the question. After decades of enjoying my winnings I thought it was about time I stepped in to help fellow punters who are struggling in their battle with the bookies.

Yes, you don't know me from Adam so let me reassure you that I'm not a rogue tipster.

I know an awful lot about horse racing, stats, trainers and jockeys etc.etc. but I know very little about building a website or marketing online.

For that reason YOU will never be dealing with me direct!

The reason 'BetTwo' is available right now is because I have been sharing my Win and Each Way betting selections with BetFan since the beginning of May 2018.

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That's +173.29 points between May 2018 and February 2019

Can you see why BetFan asked if they could manage “BetTwo” on my behalf?

So What's With The Points And What Do They Mean?

When I advise a selection (2 a day) I recommend a 2 point bet on each selection. The value of a point will vary depending on the size of your betting bank or amount of money you have put aside for your betting activity.

As a example let's say Joe Blogs has put £1,500 into a new bank account for his “BetTwo” betting activity.

Joe then follows my advice and divides that amount by 150 which values a point at £10.00.

With this in mind +254.70 Points Profit means 254.70 x £10.00 = £2,547 Profit.

Every member will be in a different financial scenario. If you're loaded and have a betting bank of £15,000.00 then 1 point will equal £100.00 so the profits would be a whopping £25,470!

Obviously over time as your betting bank grows so will the value of your points.

BetTwo Compound Staking Plan

A £1,500 (150 points) starting bank (adjusting stakes monthly) turned into £5,829.35! A 288% increase on investment in a little over 3 months.

Compounding Profits

To really maximize your profits I recommend you compound your profits to grow your bank and increase profits to a really high level.

Simply set aside your betting bank ie. £1500 - Divide by 150 to get your stake per point ie. £10 a point.

Your maximum stake (2 points) will never be more than 3% of your betting bank.

Important; Your unit stake only rises when your bank reaches a new higher level than before; if it does not (after a losing month) you remain on the same per point stake until your bank increases to a new higher level.

We do not decrease stakes after a losing month.

There are TWO ways of using the staking plan;

Daily - At the end of each betting day simply recalculate bank by dividing the balance by 150 (remember only adjust stake if it rises to a higher level than previous day) if not then carry on using previous days stake per point.

Monthly - Adjust your unit stake at the end of each month by dividing your balance by 150 (remember only adjust stake if it rises to a higher level than previous month).

If not continue using the previous months unit stake.

Your unit stake therefore stays the same for the duration of that month.

Please Note: If you need any assistance with compound staking please do not hesitate to contact our support team


I've enjoyed a wonderful betting career and the “BetTwo” project has me truly excited. The thought of helping others really motivates me and I want to stress that you won't get any over inflated hype from me ever!

Some of My Recent Winners...

  • Posh Perfect 16/1
  • Best Solution 10/1
  • Juneau 10/1
  • Sandra's Secret 15/2
  • French Resistance 15/2
  • Emily Goldfinch 7/1
  • Gurkha Friend 7/1
  • Tan 7/1
  • Little Windmill 13/2
  • Aleef 13/2
  • Royal Brave 13/2

Look at all those tasty winners!

Okay, I'm excited... you're excited... so how much is membership to “BetTwo?”

    That's incredible value and the reason behind the low cost is because I want to help as many fellow punters as possible. I want YOU to experience winners like those above without having to pay huge fees. Also note that there is NO SUBSCRIPTION to set up. You simply pay for the number of days you require selections for.

    The profits you make thereafter are all yours to keep!

    Why not start to make a difference to your life? Try something new and exciting. Life is a bit drab nowadays and this certainly livens things up! Why not give it a try? The risk is next to nothing, and the potential rewards are amazing.

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