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"Here's YOUR No.1 Chance To GET IN THE KNOW On Some of The Best Horse Racing Bets EVERY WEEK!"

Dear Friend,

Thank you for accepting the invitation and taking the time to visit "ITK Racing" a Brand New and very exciting horse racing club with a huge difference. An opportunity for a small audience of frustrated punters to get "In The Know" on some of best, most sought after racing bets every week!

Here at BetKudos we know for a fact that there are many professional full time bettors out there that are coining it in on a very consistent basis. Week after week, month after month, year after year. I guess you know this too and would love to know their biggest secret of betting success.

Well today you'll not only discover what their secret is but you'll have the chance to get involved in a rare opportunity.

So What's The Big Secret?

If you were to interview the best of the best you would soon learn that whilst they have a huge passion for horse racing spanning years, expertise in many cases expanding decades they also have something else in common and it's this final commonality that makes all the difference.

Yes to be good at the betting game you need passion and knowledge but to be GREAT at betting you need that final ingredient and that is you need to be "In The Know!"

By definition, if you're "In The Know" you have access to ALL THE INFORMATION about something, which other people DON'T HAVE. You possess SPECIAL or SECRET information that can GIVE YOU THE EDGE.

Unfortunately when it comes to horse racing being "In The Know" doesn't mean having access to a computer and the Racing Post each morning. Yes you have information at your finger tips but you hardly have Special, Secret or ALL the information that's required to be a long term winner.

Now I'm not saying that passion and knowledge for the Sport of Kings can't make you a profit from betting but if you ask the big players they'll all tell you that contacts are king. But it's not just about knowing people in the industry it's more about being in the daily loop of late information.

If a tipster advised you to back a horse to win in his morning email and the horse finished last in the 6.30 at Doncaster then something went drastically wrong. The answer is simple... the tipster wasn't in the know! 

One can say you can't win them all or that you have to take losing runs on the chin. This is very true and you should never play the betting game thinking you're unbeatable. 

However, saying that, wouldn't it be great to feel that you're only ever betting based on the fact that you're "In The Know?" You're betting on a horse because ALL THE INFORMATION has been accessed and YOU have Special Information that other people DON'T HAVE. Not even the bookmakers.

Now That's Powerful!

It's powerful indeed but being "In The Know" is not for everyone. If you want to bet on horses several times a day then this isn't for you. If you need to get your bets on before a certain time this isn't for you.

The REAL Professionals understand that it's only the bookies that need to bet everyday. The big hitters ONLY strike when the irons hot and ALL the information is in! That's so, so, so important.


When it comes to horse racing no run of the mill tipster or advisor can honestly say "no stone has been unturned." With that I mean a tipster who has told you to back a horse many hours before the race. I'm not saying you'll be getting bad advice but once you have the tip it's over to you. Early information can mean great value but this is not "In The Know" Racing.

"In The Know" Racing Club

Whilst we would love to shout from the roof tops we simply can't! The bottom line is that we have done a deal with a very well known person who is most certainly "In The Know" when it comes to horse racing and making giant profits.

This guy has first hand bookie experience, insiders at the races, trainer, jockey contacts and in the late loop with many other big betting professionals.

We can't shout a name out and we will keep member numbers below the radar. This is for obvious reasons as late calls are considered to be kept top secret.

TOP SECRET? YES! Here's Why...

Whilst we knew we were on to a winner with ITK Racing planning the launch of a new service takes time so whilst we prepared we proofed the late news betting information.

During June 2014 we witnessed +100.45 points. A Return On Investment of 109.18% and a Strike Rate of 58.82%!

July 2014 we saw +118.35 points. A Return On Investment of 98.63% and a Strike Rate of 55.56%!

August 2014 we saw +46.12 points. A Return On Investment of 19.14% and a Strike Rate of 32.43%!

September 2014 we saw +68.04 points. A Return On Investment of 29.08% and a Strike Rate of 37.14%!

October 2014 (up to 24/10/14) we saw +75.68 points. A Return On Investment of 68.80% and a Strike Rate of 44.44%!

Is The "ITK Racing" Club For You?

That's an absolute YES if you want to be IN THE KNOW on the very best racing tips every week. You won't get tips everyday but the ones you get will be top drawer! These bets will usually be given an hour or so before the race. 

That may sound tight but that's how the game works so only consider joining if that can work for you. 

Last minute shouts could be 20 minutes before the off. Again, this is how the pro's bet for maximum security and profits.

SMS Standard For Fast Information

The benefit to you if you decide to join is that because this is a late call service SMS comes as standard so you will be sent a message to your Smart Phone.

Pro bettors live by the Smart Phone as you can get the info and place the bet within minutes!

The massive profits, the super ROI and the spectacular strike rate we've experienced by being "In The Know" tells us this is a sell out service. Membership is £70.00 a month.

After joining we'll send you full staking and betting bank details to help you maximise the success of membership.

Click The Button Below And Get "In The Know"


Thank you for your interest in "ITK Racing." We look forward to welcoming you to this unique late call racing club.

Best Wishes,

BetKudos - Your No.1 Betting Buddy!

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