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Dear Racing Fan,

Just like you I share a real passion for horse racing and have been involved in the sport for as long as I remember.

Having been a race horse owner I’m very fortunate to have not only made some great contacts but to also get an insiders view of the racing industry. And believe you me when it comes to making a decent profit from the Sport of Kings inside knowledge and key contacts are the REAL KING!

Today you have the chance to take advantage of my knowledge and contacts by joining my "Exchange Profits" Service. As the name suggests I make my main betting profits on the exchanges where you can effectively become the Bookie.

I get to hear some of the very best racing news available, information that helps me to select top bets including Win, Each Way, Place and Lay bets.

The Barking Dog

In the racing industry the informer that releases secret info is known as The Barking Dog.

I'm fortunate to be on the receiving end of such vital information and now for the very first time I'm willing to share my very best betting opportunities with a small number of punters.

YES! A small number! To protect the profits I am only going to advise a maximum of 150 members. Once the service is full "Exchange Profits" will close the door.

Do you want in on the profits?

Prior to making this service live I proofed my selections to Tipster Planet a live proofing platform. In February 2014 I made +80.36 points and during March 2014 I made +110.99 points.

That's a huge +191.35 points profit from just 59 days proofing!

With profits like that I'm sure you'll agree that it pays to listen to The Barking Dog!

The Success Continues...

April 2014 made +112.48 Points

May 2014 made +121.44 Points

June 2014 made +124.53 Points

July 2014 made +140.54 Points

If you're serious about making horse racing profits I entice you to give "Exchange Profits" a fair 28 day trial.

Take a punt and I'll take your hand and show you how to cash in while beating ill informed punters on the popular betting exchanges!

Join Today...

There are two subscriptions options available.

Sign up for a  28 day subscription at £49.00 or alternatively a 90 day subscription at £98.00.

To reward the long term member who follows for 90 days you'll effectively get a full months service for free.

To join Exchange Profits please click on your preferred subscription button below...


Thank you for your time and I look forward to welcoming you onboard. 

Remember - It Pays To Listen To The Barking Dog! 

Join today before it's too late and I close the door for good!

Kind Regards,

The Barking Dog