Dear Betting Fan,

Thank you for taking the time and showing an interest in BetFan Group Premium a unique concept that can benefit your betting career in so many ways.

It’s a low cost annual membership club with its primary focus being on offering members extreme value throughout the year.

You’ll experience Free Services, Systems, Savings, Prize Draws, Exclusive Deals and so much more!

Please take the time to read on and discover all the exciting benefits of becoming a BetFan Group Premium Member.

Free Trial

You read correctly… It’s No Problem! To kick off your Premium membership we offer all members a fantastic 28 Day Free Trial to any BetFan Group Service. That’s right, you can simply chose any service from any of our platforms that you’re not already a member of.

This means 4 weeks of professional tips from an advisor of your choice absolutely FREE and with no obligation to continue after your trial!

As an example, if you were to take a 28 Day Free Trial on our long term top performer “Lucky 7 Naps” you would save a huge £66.00!!!


Many of BetFan’s customers buy multiple services so to support this we are proud to offer all Premium members a 20% Discount on all future full priced subscriptions. This could save you thousands of pounds per year if you’re a multiple subscriber.

As a Premium member you’ll have the convenience of buying at discount direct from your private members area.

With an average BetFan customer spending over £1,000 a year that’s a annual saving of more than £200.00! Many of our members will save so much more!


Festivals Covers

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years it’s that our members love the Major Horse Racing Festivals. To reward our Premium members we will provide several Festival/Sporting Event Specials each year.

Upcoming Premium Festival Specials will appear in the members area as and when they are available and you’ll be notified by email.

We anticipate a bare minimum of 3 major specials per year.

Select 2 Info

Select Two is a fantastic horse racing system that only takes around 5 minutes of your time to find selections.

It retails for £39.97 on our Tipster TV platform but BetFan Group Premium members have this BIG CASH Racing System available to download in their members area right now!

Prize Draw

Everyone loves to WIN and as a Premium member you’ll get plenty of opportunities to do just that. Every month we’ll be holding Premium Prize Draws with some great prizes for winners.

There will be racing tickets, sports clothing, watches, amazon vouchers, free service membership, free bookie bets and much more!

Tipster Planet

Tipster Planet is the breeding ground for future tipsters. It’s a popular platform because members can access ALL of the tips from ALL of the tipsters for £19.99 a month.

All our Premium members can take a 28 Day Free Trial of Tipster Planet. The deal is sat there waiting for you in the members area.

Betfan Bible

The BetFan Bible is a fantastic guide to sports betting in the UK written by one of the most experienced pundits and commentators in the industry. Ian Hudson is a member of the Betfan team and he has used his wealth of experience to create an exceptional 137 page document which could prove to be a superb weapon in your battle to beat the bookies.

This great sports betting resource sells on the BetFan platform for £19.97 but yes you’ve guessed… you have a FREE copy waiting in the Premium members area!

Live Events

Live betting events like this are usually out of reach for average punters either because the professional bettors don’t want to share their secrets or because they charge ridiculous amounts of money for their time and knowledge.

BetFan Group Premium members are in for a real treat here because we have one of the best in the business right here at HQ and he’s happy to go live up to 4 times a year!

Priority service

As a premium member we put YOU first and that means priority treatment. On joining you’ll be added to our Premium Priority Newsletter.

You’ll be kept in the loop on Special Offers, Trials and Exclusive Free Deals throughout the year and you can expect something special at least once a month!

Now Is The Time For Action!

BetFan Group Premium membership is currently available at an Early Bird rate of just £79.00 a year to the next 250 members. Once these places have been filled the joining fee will be reviewed.

  • Get A 28 Day Free Trial On Any BetFan Group Service
  • Get An Exclusive 20% Discount On All Future Full Priced Purchases
  • Get In On At Least 3 Horse Racing Festival Specials A Year
  • Get A Copy of The Select Two Big Cash System
  • Get In With A Chance To Win With The Premium Prize Draws
  • Get A Free 28 Day Trial of Tipster Planet
  • Get Your Copy of The BetFan Bible
  • Get On The Live Professional Betting Events
  • Get Priority Treatment Starting Today

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Thanks for your time and interest in our BetFan Group Premium Package. We look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

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PS. Please note that the current price of just £79.00 is only guaranteed to the first 250 members and is subject to change!