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Weekender Special

Something for the Weekend?

Why Not Make Your Weekends Even More Enjoyable And Enjoy Regular Tax Free Winnings And Grab A Share of The Profits From Our Exciting Online Syndicates ... The Weekender Special!

Imagine for a moment this dream weekend... you arise leisurely at a time that suits you. After a quick shower you find yourself sitting on the patio sipping freshly made coffee whilst flicking through the pages of your favorite weekend newspaper.

Your hobby has at long last become a source of income and a fair chunk of that income is tax free so you haven't got the government clawing away at all your money.

You connect to the Internet and login into a private website and within seconds you have access to some very exclusive betting advice.

You place your bets and the rest of the Weekend is yours to do as you wish confident in the knowledge that your work is done. Do you spend the day lounging around, go cruising around the countryside in your brand new BMW, maybe go for a round of golf or watching a bit of live sport? What difficult decisions you have to make!

At the end of the day you return to your PC and log in to check your winnings . . . .

One crazy dream right? Absolutely not!

If you're passionate about horse racing and sports betting it's now time to turn that exciting hobby into a fantastic dream come true. The dream of tax free riches and  the potential of a wonderful new living or great second income made from the comfort and warmth of home!

Here's your chance to create a second income and lifestyle that you dreamed about and if you thought weekends were great before just imagine how cool they would be with all that extra cash coming in

You can create Weekends and maybe a life where you can do what you want, when you want.

Two Men

Are You Ready for The Weekender Special?

Imagine you were in the local pub with a bunch of mates enjoying a beer and a stranger walked over and said... "Here guys, A good mate called me this morning and gave me a red hot gambling tip. Now, keep this quiet, but the winning numbers for tonight's lottery are going to be... bla, bla, bla!"

What would you do? Phone the local mad house to see if they're missing anyone? Buy the poor fella a drink and tell him to find some new friends or rush to the nearest lottery terminal? Even if the stranger said he could predict 3 of the 6 numbers drawn the odds of him being correct would be 57 to 1! Hardly a safe bet is it?

On the other hand though, what if this stranger said... "Here guys, A good mate called me this morning and gave me a red hot gambling tip. Now, keep this quiet, but a horse called a Clear Ice  is running in the 3:30 at Southwell, it's a safe bet guys!"

Now what would you do? I know exactly what you would do. You would make sure you placed a bet on Clear Ice. What's the difference? You and I both know there are people out there who are in the know. I'm talking about horse racing experts, individuals who dedicate their entire lives and thousands of pounds to be where they are today.

They value their knowledge and generally hold it very close to their chest. However, the great news is, every now and then they leak their secret winning methods and systems.

Welcome To The Weekender Special!

You've only got to walk into a bookies on a Saturday afternoon to see how popular horse racing is. Placing bets on a few horses and then leaving with more cash than you earn in a week is such a thrilling experience. However, it's an experience that is far to rare for most.

The Weekender Special has to be the most exciting horse racing & sports betting syndicate on the internet. As a subscriber the benefits far outweigh the very small monthly subscription fee.

Everyday of every week the majority of punters add to the huge profits of the bookies, while quietly in the background a very small percentage of well informed individuals live luxurious lifestyles thanks to very calculated and wise horse racing bets.

What Category Do You Fit Into?

FACT 1 - A Massive 98% of gamblers lose money!

FACT 2 - A Tiny 2% of gamblers win money!

The truth is... the 98% who lose are treating horse racing as a hobby or hoping it will be a quick route to riches. While the 2% see horse racing as a business that generates excellent tax free profits. Understanding the business the 2% consistently watch their highly protected betting bank grow and grow.

The Weekender Special has been set up to help frustrated gamblers who are sick and tired of losing turn things around once and for all. If you fall into that category then I urge you to apply for syndicate membership ASAP and benefit from our EXCLUSIVE Win & Make Money Strategy.

They're Playing Mind Games With You.

Did you know that in horse racing the bookies and trainers play mind games with you? Regular gamblers read the racing pages, study form and make what they believe to be informed predictions and then lose over and over again. This is because the average punter has the wrong mindset. Without the right mindset you'll continue to be manipulated and categorised by the bookies as a mug punter... one of the 98%!


While WEEKENDER SPECIAL Syndicate Members have a passion for horse racing it's important that you understand WE DO NOT LABEL OURSELVES GAMBLERS, we enjoy the thrill of racing but the ultimate aim is, and always will be to make money and prosper! As a WEEKENDER SPECIAL Member you'll be able to use our bets and if you so choose, emulate our awesome repeating income strategy also by becoming an affiliate of Weekender Special


Imagine creating a second income or even making your full time income thanks to the sports you love. Join WEEKENDER SPECIAL today for less than £6.25 a week and let us show you how the experts do it from horse racing and sports betting.

Take A Look At Some Of Our WEEKENDER SPECIAL Advisers Results...

All The Following Bets Were Given By Our Private team of Weekend Special Advisers over the past month.

Win & Each Way Bets
  • Mamlook 2nd 14/1
  • Night Trade 3rd 13/2
  • Mawatheeq 2nd 6/1
  • Colorus  1st 9/1
  • Professor Higgins 1st 11/8
  • Lucky Punt 2nd 7/1
  • Elusive Pimpernal 2nd  9/2
  • Ffoa Las Diamond 2nd 8/1
  • Akram 2nd 15/2
  • Collateral Damage 1st  11/4
  • Benandonner 2nd  12/1
  • Chef Dan George 3rd 12/1
  • Indelilah 2nd 9/2
  • House of Bourbon 1st 3/1
  • Spring Breeze 1st  11/4
  • Tranquil Sea  1st  11/2
 Lay Bets     
  • Gaelic Flight 5/2
  • Xilerator 5/1
  • Silver Rime 4/1
  • Mr Mcgoldrick 7/2
  • Chamirey 9/4
  • Bold Addition 2/1
  • On My Terms 3/1
  • Space Telescope 5/2
  • Boston Blue 4/1
  • Predictive 7/4
Football Bets
  • Burnley v Hull (HOME WIN @ 10/11) 
  • Wolves v Arsenal  Back Arsenal  (1.41)
  • Chelsea Vs Man Utd-  Lay Man Utd (4.3)
  • Norwich v Tranmere - Back Norwich 4/9
  • Spain, Brazil & Portugal to win 4/1
  • Leeds Utd, Tottenham, Accrington Stanley to Win 6/1

Don't Miss Out!

You don't need any experience whatsoever to take advantage of this amazing offer. Just get in front of your computer from 11.00 am on Saturday and Sunday and log in to the Weekender Special private members area and you'll have access to the days advice... win bets, lay bets, each way bets and sporting bets.

This is your golden opportunity to use the winning tactics of our private betting advisers without having to apply any personal skill in any way at all.


Have Tipsters Charged You So Much You Had Nothing Left To Bet With?

Weekender Special is totally different to any other service out there. The entry level of membership is just £25.00 a month. That's less than £6.25 a week!

All this for less than 83 pence a day! This small fee is paid by PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card. Subscription payments are totally under your control so you can cancel at anytime without giving reason.

Another thing to bear in mind is that Weekender Special are not tight with bets either. Where many tipping services charge £40, £60, £100 plus a month and only advise on a handful of races,  Weekender Special strive to provide a minimum of 8 bets a week. The bottom line is you get exceptional value for your money as a syndicate member.


Are You Making The Most of your Weekends?