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Dear Racing Fan,

Do you ever dream of winning money working just part-time from the comfort of your home? Well my friend, it is possible... I’m doing it - and many other people I know are also enjoying a fantastic lifestyle thanks to highly effective winning horse racing information.

You can begin winning a lot more often too and without learning any new betting skills or discovering the Holy Grail.

If you can follow simple daily advice and take speedy action then do read on because I have something very, very special to share with you!

Now I know you must find my opening statements hard to swallow. But just because it all sounds “to good to be true” doesn’t alter a thing. It is true, I win more cash than you could ever possibly imagine. And now I would like to prove to you that my winning success formula does work, just as readily for you, or indeed anyone else who has the audacity to follow me.

Over many years I’ve painstakingly built an “A Team” of top horse racing contacts that make my success possible. You can now take advantage and emulate my success without even breaking into a sweat. I am sure that my secret horse racing information will work for you well into the future.

Now I guess you’re racking your brain trying to find one good reason for me offering to share my private information with you. Is it to make more money?

Well Yes! Who doesn't want more money? But the truth is I already win more money than I need for. 

Me showing you the ropes won’t affect my income or lifestyle in the slightest. So for me to share my powerful betting advice with a few others will do nothing but help well deserving punters such as yourself start to enjoy a bit more of the bookies cash!!!

I find it very satisfying helping fellow punters experience more winning days at the races than they've ever witnessed before.

To put my “Winning Success Formula” to work…

  •  You don’t need much free time - Each day I have solid selections they'll be made available to you and it should only take you a few minutes to get on them!
  •  You only need modest betting bank to get started - Don't worry, I'll talk you through setting up a betting bank once you join me.
  • You don’t need any previous betting experience and you don’t need to study or have any special racing knowledge.
  • You don’t need to rely on the blessing of lady luck - Obviously not all selections win but as you'll soon notice the profits can continue to flow very nicely indeed.
  • My formula has nothing to do with specialist betting - All my bets are simple WIN or Each Way selections. 

I’d imagine that whilst reading you have been having your doubts - that’s okay, it’s perfectly normal. 

What I have said so far really does go against the grain of what you have always heard… “You need loads of money to win money”, “You never win as much as you put in”, “Betting is a mugs game” etc, etc.

What a load of old rubbish! These are typical comments from people who don’t (nor ever will) win any serious money themselves... but I bet they play the Lotto ;) 

Ask yourself the following...

  1. Are you looking for a fun part-time betting venture with almost no work?
  2. Do you want advise from a betting professional with more than 15 years experience?
  3. Do you want a good solid opportunity that will support long term racing profits?
  4. Do you want to start beating the bookies at their own game?
  5. Do you want to fatten your bank account and get out of the “red”?
  6. Do you want to make a good living from one the worlds most exciting sporting pastimes?

I'm sure you said a resounding “YES” to most of the above questions. And if that's the case I know you'll love being a member of “Andy Bell Racing”.

But... Perhaps you have tried other racing advisors in the past and been badly let down. If this is so, all I’m asking is that you give your dream of finding the winning opportunity just one more chance. “One last time”. 

I can assure you that it will be the very last time you ever have to look for a horse racing consultant. I confidently state this purely because I’ve been winning for years and...

...I've Learned From The Best!

I've been a professional gambler for the last 15 years with my full attention totally focused on horse racing. I was fortunate to be very friendly with Dave Nevison at the time when he was at his peak and I learned a great deal about the horse racing game... “the good and the bad”.

Through Dave I became good friends with John Best and the natural progression was to become an owner of 3 race horses, FIGJAM, BERTIESOUTHSTREET & ACTING LADY.

Figjam won three races, the good looking Bertie won one race and the best of all was Acting Lady, who we sent to USA to race for Doug O'Neil and she won two listed races and came 5th in the American Oaks, which we attended, "all in" courtesy of the Americans (British Airways, Limos, Beverley Hills Whiltshire Hotel, Rodeo Drive, Eating and Drinking) he he, that probably started the recession!

Back to reality, Dave and I placed horses for John and we had 3 very good seasons gambling, as I think placing is as important as training.

I then worked for the Winning Line under the alias The Informer, but got sick of the constant stewards inquiries on payment days so I moved on and started my own tipping line set up in my own name as I had nothing to hide and without blowing my own trumpet I knew I was good.

I also started working for the infamous George Prodromou watching the horses in the mornings, placing them and basically shaping up a tied operation.

Today I attend the racecourse 3-4 days a week and continue to make a very good living from gambling with the help of some of the best contacts in the business making profit from both flat and national hunt racing.

My Latest Adventure... Andy Bell Racing Online

I'm pleased to announce that I have now teamed up with BetFan who will from hereon totally manage my online service aptly named AndyBellRacing

To secure BetFan's management I had to show them consistent profits over a two month proofing period. 

As you'll soon witness I've now gone way beyond proving myself. Not only to BetFan but to hundreds of very, very happy members.

Below you can see how I did over my initial proofing period...

Graph 2 Graph 3

A HUGE 104.95 Points In Just 2 Months!

Betting at £100 a point that's a monster £10,495.00 or for smaller banks betting at £10 a point that's still a very tasty £1,049.50!


Graph 4

My first year with BetFan has been simply amazing! As I write this update on Sunday 27th July 2014 Andy Bell Racing has made an incredible +944.44 points profit.

£9,444.40 Betting £10 A Point!

£23,611.00 Betting £25 A Point!!

£47,222.00 Betting £50 A Point!!!

£94,444.00 Betting £100 A Point!!!!

Whoever said betting was a mugs game! I've proven YOU CAN make betting pay BIG TIME!

Can You Trust Andy Bell To Be Your Betting Advisor?

I'm sure you've been bitten before and like they say "Once Bitten Twice Shy." However, my policy is not to hide anything from my members. My real name is Andy Bell and without even subscribing to my service you can learn an awful lot about me by using the following links...

1 - My Daily Diary - I'm an avid fan of keeping a daily racing diary. If you subscribe to BetFan's Free Newsletter I update all readers every Saturday morning and also give a Free Tip. The most memorable was telling BetFan readers to back Pineau De Re in the Grand National at 28/1. All Saturday diary columns are also posted and readily available on my dedicated Facebook Fan page. Click Here.

2 - My Live Proofing - Every tip I have given since joining BetFan is proofed daily so you can study until your heart is content.

3 - My First Video Interview - I think it's important that members can see that I'm a real person behind the racing service and it was a pleasure to be interviewed on BetFan TV back in April 2014.

4 - My Second Video Interview - WOW! BetFan wanted me back. Again I think it's fantastic that BetFan are prepared to travel and meet there tipsters on camera. It's always nice to see and virtually meet the person who is advising you when it comes to your betting.

Bank and Staking Plan

I'll explain the betting bank and staking strategy in your welcome message. But in a nutshell all my betting selections will suggest how many points to bet. These will usually be between 1 - 5 points depending on the strength of the information I have.


Due to the nature of the betting game I have decided to initially limit the number of membership places available to just 500.  

Your commitment to at least try my service is a small price to pay for what could mean fantastic long term success from your betting activity.

My winning system works over and over again. Weigh up the risk and do what you think is best. It’s now up to you...

IMPORTANT - After you have joined you'll be issued with a username and password and sent a welcome email containing everything you need to know to gain the winners edge.

Don’t hesitate a moment longer. Simply click on the button below that most appeals. The longer the membership the better the deal!!!


Thank you for your time today. I hope to welcome you on board very, very soon.

Andy Bell Racing

Kind Regards,

Andy Bell

PS. I hate to say it, but I fully expect the entire membership to sell out very fast! To secure YOUR place YOU MUST ACT NOW!