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Dear Friend,

Hi my name is Ian and I got into racing in general through my father who was horse mad and he used to pour over his form books for hours on end and in those days he didn’t have the internet to help, however, it didn’t stop him from making a nice 2nd income.

Back in those days I was too young to bet but we used to sit and do the old ITV 7 between us and then watch them on tv. It wasn’t until I’d left school at 17 that I really started to get interested in making money from racing. I had pretty much every book going and still do.

In 2010 I was made redundant and it wasn’t easy to find a job so that’s when I started to look for tipping management companies such as BetFan, among others and to this day I am still proofing different services in the hope they will be published to the general public and I haven’t looked back since and to be honest it beats getting out of bed on a winters morning at 5am to do an 8 hour shift.

Today our racing paths cross and I hope that once you’ve digested the information presented you'll decide to become a member of my exciting new service... 15 Point Plan!

My experience, having been a racing pro for many years has allowed me to steer clear of some of the biggest betting mistakes that the average punter makes time and time again. If you're not aware of what's really going on, if you're not a skilled numbers person, if you don't have spare hours upon hours a day, an extreme knowledge of the sport of kings and the expert ability to price up markets yourself you stand very little chance of ever really beating the bookie!

When it comes to horse racing the bookies are the best of the best! And there's very, very few who can beat them when it comes to long term profits.

Every punter out there has heard it said many, many times before... "Only ever gamble with money you can afford to lose!" Why is this? Because you're betting against a business that’s very hard to beat!

If you're not making substantial profits from racing you need to call it a day or find a better way. To take on the bookie who is armed with the discipline, business knowledge and long term investment skills and expecting to beat them in the long run is simply madness!

The bookies are on a mission to empty your wallet! Never forget that!!!

Believe me they know the mind of a punter and use some crafty tricks and tactics to have you coming back time and time again.

The good news for all of us is that there are errors being made! No matter how good they are at taking the money they don’t get it right all of the time and it's the few percent of bettors who are wise to this and know what they're looking for who go on to create amazing long term profits from horse racing.

Now there's good reason I've been beating the bookies. I know from experience how to play them and the rewards are very exciting indeed. Although it's a time consuming process it's so much fun seeing the profits flood into my accounts.

If you've ever subscribed to a tipster before I'm hoping you will give the 15 Point Plan a try. I do appreciate some readers may have difficulty trusting I can deliver the goods and for this reason I choose to launch “15 Point Plan” on the respected WIN Platform owned by BetFan Ltd.

In this day and age anyone of average skills can set up an online tipster service and make bold claims of winning, fabricate results and pop a join button on the page. However, tipsters who launch on a BetFan managed platform are either identified because of their extraordinary talents or have proved themselves over a fair amount of time.

There are no guarantees in the betting game but if you're serious about making a profit but a lack of time and knowledge requires you seek outside specialist advice it's reassuring to know you're dealing with a professional company who cares about your experience.

I hope that helps you relax in knowing that you can receive my 5 best bets each day via a reputable company with selections made available each betting day online and via email.

What Type of Information Can You Expect?

The key to winning the racing game without serious risk to your betting bank is to find the very, very best bets. This can be a hard and time consuming task for the average punter.

I’m SUPER SELECTIVE And That Is Paramount!

Unless you have a deep understanding of the sport and a natural gift for numbers it's an area that simply won't work for you. If you can skilfully price a market prior to the “real market” being formed you're ahead of the game as you can then spot the value bets. Again, it's a longwinded task and the main reason so many people who know me pay me to inform them of the VERY BEST horse racing bets each week.

The Deal I Have Is Simple…

Join me and I'll do all the hard work for you and then let you know what WIN Bets you need to be on. As soon as I have the information I’ll send you an email. You can expect 5 Win Bets per day, 7 days a week.

Four Successful Months of Proofing Prior To Launch…

15 Point Plan Proofing Graph

Total Points +418.69

£10 A Point = £4,186.90

£100 A Point = £41,869.00

15 Point Plan Download

Below are a selection of some of my recent winning bets that have contributed to the profits and published to give you a good taste of what's to come over the coming days, weeks and months ahead.

Recent Racing Winners…

  • Blushing Rose 3.00
  • Mrs Burbidge 8.00
  • Royal Line 1.91
  • Showroom 4.00
  • Royal Reserve 3.50
  • David’s Beauty 8.50
  • Claudine 29.00
  • Reverend Jacobs 1.67
  • Fajjaj 4.33
  • Poestic Lady 4.00
  • Apachee Prince 5.00
  • Equus Amadeus 4.00

Don't Delay! 15 Point Plan Places Are Limited!

If you want to receive my selections (35 per week) then I have to encourage you to act fast. I won't close the service but will restrict membership to a reasonable level and at times a queue may be in place.

You can avoid that frustration of missing out by joining today. There's no silly small print that locks you in so you can relax knowing you can cancel membership at anytime. Not that I think you will!

If you're happy with what you have read, the consistent profits and the quality information I can provide then why not take a 6 month membership where you effectively SAVE £128.00 compared to standard monthly paid membership.

Join using one of the buttons below... You can join for 28 days for £47.00, 90 days for just £94.00 or get a MEGA DEAL by taking a 6 month membership for just £154.00.

Sign up NOW, today, before the moment passes simply click on your preferred membership option below and lets boost that betting bank…




Thanks for your interest in the "15 Point Plan" I hope you decide to join this exciting service.

Best Wishes,

Ian Winfield
15 Point Plan