Since Launch It Just Keeps On Winning

10th July 2018

You know what sometimes happens when a service launches it goes through a lean spell BUT one tipster has thrived since launch is iProSpeed.

Since its launch just under a month ago it has already made +31.79 points.

That is on top of the +77.64 points made during proofing.

All to 1pt level stake bets.

That’s £635.80 to flat £20 bets in under a month - more than covering membership for TWO whole years!

Unfortunately the 14-day trial offer has now ended BUT you can still grab a bargain and get your first month at HALF PRICE!

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So far from nine months of results we have SEVEN very profitable months making this a very consistent service to follow.

The last 30 days has seen +23.48 points profit

The last 90 days has seen +84.24 points profit

The average odds per selection is 4/1

And look at the recent winning bets;

Alabanza WON 3.00, Whoshotwho WON 3.00, Buridan WON 5.10, Image WON 6.00, Artic Sound 5.80, Fifty Shades WON 4.00, Garbanzo WON 5.60, Final Rock WON 3.30

You can really create a very good return from following this winning formula – try it for the next 28-days and see for yourself!


Nothing complicated as most bets are to WIN ONLY and all to 1pt level stake bets.

You can see the full betting history HERE

As you can see this is proving to be a winning formula – all you have to do is copy exactly what is advised to profit too.

Just £18.50 gets you a 28-day trial so you can test this winning formula out to see if it’s for you.

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