Betfan Emails

Ensure our Emails reach you

Instructions on how to add us to your whitelist

Ensure that mail is delivered to your Inbox (and not your Bulk Mail / Spam folder), by completing the following steps:


  • Log on and click the "Mail" tab to get into your mailbox
  • Choose "Options" (at the top right, next to "Help")
  • Under "Junk e-Mail," choose "Safe and blocked senders"
  • Select "Safe senders"
  • In the space provided, enter "" and click "Add to list"


  • Open your Yahoo mailbox
  • Choose "Options" to go to the "Mail Options" page
  • Choose "Filters" and click "Add"
  • In the top row, labeled "From header:", make sure "contains" is selected in the pull-down menu
  • Enter "" in the text box next to this pull-down menu
  • At "Move the message to" (bottom of the screen), select "Inbox" from the pull-down menu
  • Choose "Add Filter"


Please add the following e-mail addresses to your contacts list (Gmail will always deliver messages from these contacts):

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

  • Choose "Contacts" (left hand side)
  • Choose "Add Contact" (right hand side)
  • At "Primary Email," enter the above-mentioned addresses

If, for any reason, you do find our mail in your Spam box, you can use Gmail's "Not Spam" button to unmark misclassified mail:

  • Open "Spam" folder
  • Check the box next to the respective message(s)
  • Choose "Not Spam" at the top

You can also find the "Not Spam" button at the top of spam messages you've opened, so you can also unmark messages from Conversation View.