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Dear Friend,

Have you been searching for a top performing tipster but want solid, self witnessed evidence that they're as good as they're hyped up to be?

Imagine having access to some of the planets top upcoming tipping superstars at your finger tips without the hefty subscription prices that the industry demands.

Obviously, if a tipster is as good as they say and can make you a decent long term profit you don't mind paying a fair subscription but it can prove to be an expensive search trying to find someone you can relate to in terms of the tips and type of betting.

Tipster Planet Offers You The ULTIMATE Punter Experience.

Take a moment to look at some of the most recent top performers...

PosServiceFirst ProofedPoints£10 per point£100 per point
1stFavourite Plays01/02/19+90.00£900.00£9000.00
2ndThe Honest Tipster01/06/18+54.29£542.90£5429.00
3rdEach Way Wonders01/10/18+37.94£379.40£3794.00
4thThe Football King01/07/18+19.09£190.90£1909.00
5thSean Haren Racing01/04/17+15.78£157.80£1578.00
7thDog Race Wagers01/10/14+8.65£86.50£865.00
9thWinning Way01/06/15+4.60£46.00£460.00
10thUnity Racing Investments03/07/14+2.28£22.80£228.00
11thEach Way Hits01/11/15+1.82£18.20£182.00
12thBetfan Free Tips01/09/11+0.18£1.80£18.00
13thDeep Thought01/07/18-0.15£-1.50£-15.00
15thThe Master Plan01/06/17-0.99£-9.90£-99.00

Tipster Planet showcases the upcoming superstars who do not currently have live services to join. All the tipsters have come to us to demonstrate their tipping talent in a bid to having us launch them as a paid premium service.

We offer you a BRAND NEW concept when it comes to finding a Tipster to meet your needs. You can join us today for an incredibly low fee and get access to ALL THE TIPS FROM ALL THE TIPSTERS!

Access To EVERY Tipster On The Platform!

For a very low monthly or quarterly fee you'll have access to every single tip released on the platform. You simply spot a tipster that takes your fancy and choose to follow them. You can choose one or all of them. The low fee just remains the same and the database of tipsters is ever growing.

You decide the strategy depending on the amount of tips you're comfortable with. You can also investigate every tipster before deciding whether to follow them. This is important if there's a particular type of bet you wish to avoid.

All Sound & Look Good?

You bet it does! And here's the icing on the cake... You can join Tipster Planet as a fellow punter for just £19.99 a month or £34.99 a quarter!

That’s less than 39 pence a day when taking the longer term membership!

Look again at the Top Performers and you'll appreciate this is a bargain... an absolute NO BRAINER for anyone into sports betting and wanting low cost tips!!!

All you need to do now is click on your preferred button below to set up your Tipster Planet membership. Once this is done you'll be able to access our members area and grab all the tips your heart desires.

Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy this unique opportunity.

Best Wishes,

Tipster Planet

PS. The joining fee is ridiculously low. Members just following the top performers are grinning from ear to ear. Get involved now before we come to our senses!